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Artful Restraint

by habituallychic

05 . 20 . 15

Even though I don’t live in California, C Magazine is one of my absolute favorite magazines. Their home features led to an entirely separate magazine C Home which I love finding in my mailbox.

After falling down a rabbit hole from one photo of Bruce Gregga’s Montecito home on Pinterest, I found out that it was featured in both magazines.  As with any interior designer, Bruce and his antiques dealer partner William Laman make changes on a regular basis so it always looks different.

I especially love this incarnation from the feature Artful Restraint in C Home. The pared down design means that each vignette becomes a special moment.  This is just the motivation I need to continue paring down things in my own home. It also reminds me that I need a new tree for my apartment.
bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-002 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-003 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-004 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-005 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-006 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-007 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-008 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-009 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-010 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-011 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-012 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-013 bruce-gregga-c-magazine-2015-habitually-chic-014
Photos by Victoria Pearson.