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A New Look at Julie de Libran’s Paris Apartment

by habituallychic

04 . 07 . 15

You may remember Julie de Libran’s Paris apartment from ELLE magazine a few years. It’s getting its day in the sun again this spring in Porter magazine since Julie de Libran was recently named the new artistic director of the famed French brand Sonia Rykiel.  She previously worked with Marc Jacob at Louis Vuitton which is maybe where she met Sofia Coppola who recently interviewed her before the most recent show.  (Scroll down for the video.) I didn’t realize that she speaks perfect English until hearing her speak in the video because although born in France, she grew up in California. Her mother wore a lot of Sonia Rykiel that she bought on trips back to Paris so the brand was a part of de Libran’s life and also her left bank neighborhood of Saint Germain.  To read more, pick up the Spring 2015 issue of Porter magazine.

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Photos by Alexia Silvagni for Porter Magazine via Sukio and ELLE magazine.