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Chic in Avignon: La Mirande

by habituallychic

04 . 06 . 15

If there is any place that has made me say, I want to go to there, it’s La Mirande in Avignon, France. Pierre Frey posted two images on Instagram since some of their Braquenié fabrics are used in the hotel and now I am dreaming of a trip.  The five-star hotel and restaurant opened in 1990 but the interiors were based on the the grace of the 18th-century before the revolution. The 26 rooms also feature traditional French fabrics from Le Manach, Canovas, Comoglio and Rubelli, and unique decor. I especially love the blue and yellow chambre. If you don’t stay at the hotel, you can still experience the “fresh and creative cuisine, with a Provençal touch” from chef Jean-Claude Aubertin or take a cooking class. And if that doesn’t sell you, the L’Isle sur la Sorgue antique market is located nearby. Does it make you want to go to there too now?
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