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Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch

by habituallychic

03 . 27 . 15


A little package of green lettuce plates arrived this week and they were the perfect pick me up for this never ending winter.  The plates are Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch and are part of a whole collection of pieces.

Dodie Thayer, The Pottery Queen of Palm Beach, originally started molding her Lettuce Ware pieces by hand on real pieces of lettuce and cabbage and sold them at Au Bon Gout in Palm Beach. The pieces from the 1960’s, collected by chic women like C.Z. Guest, Brooke Astor, and Bunny Mellon, have a paler color and handmade quality.  They also fetch very expensive prices at auction so Tory Burch finally convinced the now 90-year old Dodie Thayer to collaborate on a new collection that is much more affordable.

The Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch collection would make a perfect table setting for Easter so here are a few display and entertaining ideas to get your stated.

Bon week-end !


A table by designer and store owner Todd Alexander Romano who also collects Dodie Thayer. 3-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic
A look at Dodie Thayer in Palm Beach from the 1960’s.

When looking for images for this story, I realized that I had photographed Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House room designed by Todd Alexander Romano in 2012.

C.Z. Guest’s collection of Dodie Thater Lettuce Ware at her home Templeton that now belongs to her daughter Cornelia Guest.


James Andrew of What is James Wearing? also collects Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware.


Another table design by James Andrew. 8-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic

Unknown image. 9-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic

A Palm Beach looking room from House Beautiful.


Another room with Lettuce Ware from House Beautiful. 11-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic-cz-guest

A table setting with flowers in Dodie Thayer pieces at Templeton. 12-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic-mario-buatta
A Mario Buatta designed room that complements the green Lettuce Ware.
13-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic 14-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic-Dina-Porthault

Dina Merrill table set with Dodie Thayer Lettuce Ware and a D. Porthault tablecloth. 15-tory-burch-dodie-thayer-lettuceware-2015-habituallychic-recipe

A recipe from Tory Burch’s website and a look another look at the Dodie Thayer for Tory Burch collection below. Tori Burch Home

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