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HC Chic & Shiny Holiday Gift Guide by Ryan Korban

by habituallychic

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There was no question that interior designer Ryan Korban would be the perfect person to write a luxury holiday gift guide. He is known for his glamorous interiors not just for the home but for retail stores such as Balenciaga and Alexander Wang. What I love most is that his look is sexy and elegant but also comfortable and young. He also great at creating places for lounging and cuddling and what could be better for winter?!


Asprey is one of my all time favorite brands especially when giving gift. I love the Octopus design especially in these shot glasses.

[Editor’s Note: A set of four of these glasses with a chilled bottle of vodka would make a very chic gift.]


Flair is my go to and I love elegant boxes they look good on any surface. My favorite is mixed materials like shagreen and bone.

[Editor’s Note: This box would be fun to give with another gift inside like a piece of jewelry or even a gift card to a favorite store. Or if you want to be very generous, keys to vintage car.]


Katherine Pooley has the chicest accessories. Her Caviar and Vodka Set is nothing less than sexy. The crystal and chrome is a clean and elegant looking.

[Editor’s Note: Obviously, this gift needs to be given with a tin of Petrossian caviar.]


“The best holiday gift I ever received was a crowned African crane from a very close friend.” – Ryan Korban


I love shell especially when is mixed with silver. This Katherine Pooley Shell Gravy Bowl has such a sense of extravagance! There is nothing like giving or getting a gift that someone would never imagine buying themselves.


Another favorite material of mine is horn. These horn and lacquered Arca Table Lamps are stunning. It may seem like an odd thing to give, but the gift of lighting is a great idea!


It does not feel like the holiday season until there are flowers from Angelica Flowers. Her fresh arrangements make the holidays complete. She has the best eye for mixed florals. She also does garland and tree decorating.


Ryan Korban: Luxury Redefinedis my first design book and this will be my first holiday season where I able to give it to people as gifts. I am very excited for that.

[Editor’s Note: Ryan’s book is just as chic as his interiors. It would definitely make a great gift this holiday.]


“I would say sending someone fresh flowers for a whole year is the best present I’ve ever given.  I think the best gifts are the ones people wouldn’t normally get for themselves.” – Ryan Korban


I am a candle whore!!! I love Nichole Richie’s new House of Harlow line with D.L & Co. My favorite scent is midnight moon. It is amazing for this time of year.

[Editor’s Note: Luxury candles really do make a great gift for the holidays. They smell great and are always appreciated.]


The holiday season does not start for me until I have purchased my first christmas tree ornament from Bergdorf Goodman. It is just not Christmas until my first visit to scope out what treasures they have for the tree.

[Editor’s Note: I love giving and receiving ornaments each Christmas.  It’s so fun to unwrap them and remember who gave them to you and when.]


There is no way to enjoy the holidays without a trip to Sherry Lehmann it gives me the same feeling I had when I was a child waking up on Christmas morning. The options are endless and they always deliver on a good time!

[Editor’s Note: I don’t think anyone turns up their nose at a nice bottle of wine or champagne at the holidays.]


Me: If money were no object, what would you like to see under the tree this year?

Ryan: Everything in black alligator!

Me: I hope Ryan’s friends are reading this!