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Chic at Work: Jenna Lyons

by habituallychic

08 . 19 . 14
I am going to miss so many things about Paris but working on a laptop is not one of them.  It feels like it’s time to get back to being productive on a real computer at a real desk. Of course, if I had a real office like Jenna Lyons, I might be even more productive.  
I knew she had moved floors at J.Crew and I saw a few images of her new office in Fast Company but Vanity Fair has more photos in their September issue and online. It looks like much of her furniture was incorporated into the new space including her coral colored desk and Saarinen table. It is also filled with personal mementos and artwork by her son that is probably more priceless than the pieces by known artists that she also owns. 
The Vanity Fair article also mentions that Jenna is in the middle of a home renovation. Considering the amount of attention her last one received, I can’t wait to see the new one when it’s ready. Until then, I’ll continue to admire her office. 

Photos from Vanity Fair and Faast Company

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  1. Beeta @ Mon Petit Four August 19, 2014 | 7:11 am

    I love that she’s got so many personal mementos, including drawings by her son. J.Crew’s line always feels glamorous and yet practical for everyday life, and it’s neat to see that maybe the inspiration for that comes from Jenna’s everyday life hanging up on her office walls.

  2. Sissym Mascarenhas August 19, 2014 | 2:03 pm


    I prefer to use a real desk, laptop is a bit tiring for extended typing.

    The new office Jenna was very nice.