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Some Thoughts

by habituallychic

05 . 07 . 11
One of my favorite takeaways from the Housing Works Design on a Dime event was a post card from Paul Smith.  The image was of a hand written list entitled “Some Thoughts,” reflections from the desk of Sir Paul Smith.  I tried to get the photo from the designer but never heard back so I was happy to find a post on the British Vogue website that explains this inspiring list.
“I was sitting in my office one day and jotting down some thoughts about life – and then I just left them on my notebook and someone from the team came in and saw them – and the next thing I knew they were framed and on the wall. Then the New York team requested them because they wanted them on the wall of the New York shop…” – Paul Smith
by Paul Smith
  1. Start something new
  2. Take pleasure seriously
  3. Life/work is not about shorter hours or longer hours, it’s about every hour
  4. Look at the world through the eyes of someone you respect, admire and love
  5. You can’t do it without doing it
  6. Make room to BREAK THE RULES
  7. Stop making sense…logic is predictable…think differently

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  1. meenal bishnoi May 7, 2011 | 3:23 pm

    wonderful words of wisdom!! thanks for sharing, heather..a very happy mother’s day weekend to you..hope to see you on my blog sometime soon! xx meenal

  2. Jimmy The Undercover Designer May 7, 2011 | 4:07 pm

    Not only do I like his designs, I now like his way of thinking. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Janna Renee May 8, 2011 | 6:19 am

    I never understand when people are miserable at work or just miserable in general…why waste prescious moments in your life where you could be incredibly happy?

  4. Jane Kilpatrick Schott May 8, 2011 | 9:12 am

    You do have to stop and remind yourself…it’s only natural. These thoughts are a good start!

  5. Lost in Provence May 8, 2011 | 9:16 am

    Well that makes two bolts of inspiration from you this week. Thank you!

  6. jones May 8, 2011 | 1:32 pm

    Hi Heather, I’ve been working with these concepts/inspirations for a while, but seeing them in a simple lists definitely lights a fire under my chair. The one I’m really struck with at the moment is”You can’t do it without doing it”—no more justifications for inaction, Mary. I hope that you are having a super Sunday morning . Personally, I’m going to “Start something new” and “Do it”….thanks for putting me into gear. Mary

  7. Jill Seidner | Interior Design May 8, 2011 | 11:51 pm

    LOVE this! (The thoughts) 🙂

    Thanks for sharing (and finding out more about the list!)

  8. Cassandra May 10, 2011 | 5:09 pm

    I have this on my pin-board in my studio. It was the thing that ‘allowed’ me to start my business – going from magazine corporate to homewares designer/maker.

    Happy, happy, happy!