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Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton: Part Deux

by habituallychic

10 . 05 . 10
Sofia Coppola has expanded her line for Louis Vuitton for fall 2010 and the results are just as stunning as her debut collection.  In addition to adding new colors and sizes, she has designed her signature SC bag in alligator.  I don’t want to know how much this bag costs because it will surely dash my dreams of owning it.  C’est Magnifique!

Photos from RDuJour and StyleRumor.com

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  1. quintessence October 5, 2010 | 2:15 pm

    Love the SC in the ivory and the taupe suede with leather combo! And REALLY love the alligator clutch – you think it might be in the realm of possibility because it’s smaller? 🙂

  2. Belle on Heels October 5, 2010 | 2:20 pm

    i will have one of each, please!

  3. Alice Olive October 5, 2010 | 2:25 pm

    Stunning. Love its simplicity and relaxed feel. Exactly Sophia’s sartorial style.

  4. Aubrey Studebaker October 5, 2010 | 2:28 pm

    The bag: gorgeous.
    The bear: hilarious.

  5. Teresa at Splendid Sass October 5, 2010 | 2:45 pm

    Love the clutch in the last image!

  6. Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~ October 5, 2010 | 3:10 pm

    i like the plain leather the best – i’m SO sick of seeing LV’s everywhere u turn – this is MUCH better!!!!!

    PS – another GIVE-AWAY starts tomorrow!!

    *kiss kiss*
    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  7. C October 5, 2010 | 3:21 pm

    The blue calf leather is gorgeous, trust me I’ve ‘felt it up’ at the Louis Vuitton store!

  8. photohogger October 5, 2010 | 3:43 pm

    Oh wow..I want.

  9. La Maison Fou October 5, 2010 | 3:54 pm

    I love these simple and elegant bags.
    Black X
    Brown X
    Alligator X
    Suede XX



  10. Acquired Objects October 5, 2010 | 4:01 pm

    Love the bags, prefer them over the LV initial bags, these are gorgeous!

  11. Daniella October 5, 2010 | 5:25 pm

    Ahh! I love this! Thanks so much for sharing, I had no idea she was extended the line… oh to own one of these pieces!

  12. taylor October 5, 2010 | 5:55 pm
  13. Connie @ SogniESorrisi October 5, 2010 | 6:02 pm

    Love that first bag and Sofia looks great!

  14. Laura [What I Like] October 5, 2010 | 7:12 pm

    Oh TO DIE. I love the crocodile one beyond all reason.

  15. Heidiopia October 5, 2010 | 8:52 pm

    I’m suffering from bag envy 🙁

  16. Kathy October 5, 2010 | 9:14 pm

    The bags are great, but her overall sense of style is FABULOUS!. I have been following her for years. She has a unique and classic sense of style that I would love to emulate.

  17. Laura Trevey October 5, 2010 | 9:47 pm

    yes, I will take one please!!

  18. cassandra @ coco+kelley October 6, 2010 | 1:44 am

    everything about this is so perfectly classic and chic. i’m dying!! SO good.

  19. Melissa Vest Designs October 6, 2010 | 1:55 am

    I love her style. So simple and chic! If only I could pull it off myself! Love the bag, especially the picture of it on the books in the corner.
    Melissa 🙂

  20. jones October 6, 2010 | 2:54 am

    I not only want one; I neeeeeeeed one. Perfect classic bags. Thanks for the heads-up. Mary

  21. Alcira Molina-Ali October 6, 2010 | 4:10 am

    I love the simplicity of this — it’s very European.
    And I think it’s refreshing not to be accosted by massive labels and overdone hardware….that was so 2000.


  22. Karena October 6, 2010 | 5:09 am

    The perfect bag, I love it classic and elegant!

    Art by Karena

  23. *sarah berry design* October 6, 2010 | 10:18 am

    I love Sofia Coppola, her LV stuff is amazing. I sent you an email, did you get it?

  24. a Broad October 6, 2010 | 1:14 pm

    She looks so good !
    I will take any of them, but the suede is lovely ..
    I love that first photo !

  25. Topaz October 6, 2010 | 3:38 pm

    Really, I’m sure it’s hard to come up with posts on a continual basis, but are you going to focus on fashion or interior design? An occasional foray is fine, but some of us don’t give a fig about handbags and heaps of fawning praise for their celebrity designers.

  26. Habitually Chic October 6, 2010 | 3:48 pm

    I’m so glad so many of you enjoy these photos for Sofia’s style as much as the bags.

    Topaz – It’s your comment and unappreciation that makes me wonder if I want to continue blogging. From the beginning, I wrote about fashion as well as design, art, photography, and other topics. I write about whatever happens to catch my interest. And yes, it is hard to come up with posts and I find your comment especially rude after I just posted tons of interiors recently. If you’re bored by my blog, feel free to start your own.

  27. Cherish October 6, 2010 | 4:25 pm

    I have a yearning for the alligator clutch, but it’s not on the LV website yet so I can’t price it – although the same style in suede is $1400.00. The top handles are also gorgeous beyond words!!!

    Heather, please don’t let one rude individual spoil your day or your interest in blogging. There are THOUSANDS who love your blog and look forward to it every morning.


  28. the designers muse October 6, 2010 | 5:46 pm

    Sophia Coppola is so chic. Her look of casual, effortless elegance is fantastic. For me it’s less about the bag, and more about the whole style.

  29. Sarah M. Winchester October 6, 2010 | 9:50 pm

    Sofia Coppola is just beyond cool! Oh and I WANT that clutch!

  30. Square With Flair™ October 6, 2010 | 11:47 pm

    I think the bags are a beautiful design and proportion, but really what did SC design? This is a classic doctor’s bag/ Speedy design that was appropriated from practical use and re-interpreted for women to wear decades ago. Similar designs have always been available from Dior, Gucci, Mark Cross, Ghurka and other top design houses. They are great designs, but I don’t think SC has done anything new, nor has she shown any outstanding design talent or originality.

    What is important about the design is that is shows a return to simplicity after the vulgar overdesigned “it” bags of houses like Balenciaga and Vuitton that were plastered with buckles, rivets, straps, fringes, frills, and done in multiple materials. I hope we move away from that busy, junky look.

  31. ArchitectDesign™ October 7, 2010 | 12:54 am

    She is truely one of our most important style setters today. J’adore Sofia!

  32. Mujerluminosa October 7, 2010 | 2:28 am

    thanks so very much for posting these lovely photographs of Miss Coppola and of course the amazing handbags. simply lovely, especially the photos at The Four Seasons – instantly classic, elegant, and chic. the bags are a wow! all the best,

  33. Joanna October 11, 2010 | 6:31 pm

    I’ll take these luxe, gorgeous lovelies over the logo bags any day. If only they weren’t so much $$$.

  34. be glad you're not me October 12, 2010 | 12:34 am

    i know the sophia bags are pricey..any idea what the crod top handle will go for?

  35. Karen October 12, 2010 | 6:04 pm

    love her.