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2009 Kips Bay Show House: Stairs and Landings

by habituallychic

04 . 20 . 09
Some designers don’t even get a room in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House but that doesn’t mean that their spaces weren’t any less spectacular. I wasn’t familiar with interior designer Christopher Corcoran before seeing his work on the landing of the second floor but now I am glad I have become acquainted with his lovely design sense and eye for detail.

I love the texture and pattern that the wood lattice creates behind the traditional entry table and chairs. It’s also another example of a quiet and elegant design that works well in this show house.

The fourth floor landing was another favorite “room” and was designed by Paula + Martha. Paula being Paula Caravelli and Martha being Martha Angus. I didn’t get to meet them but from what I can gather on their website, they met while working for Naomi Leff and later decided to work together. I’m glad they did because their work is full of wonderful art and antiques. Their space is titled the Executive Director’s Office and refers to Daniel Quintero, The Executive Director of the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club, hence all the photos of children!

One of best parts of attending the President’s Preview was hearing Mr. Quintero speak about how important the show house is to the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club and all the children it helps through it’s programs. He couldn’t be a better spokesperson since he was a member of the club growing up! I would love it if anyone who’s been enjoying my posts but lives too far to visit the Kips Bay Decorator Show House in person would consider making a small contribution to this wonderful organization! Every little bit helps!

We had a client at my last firm who asked for burlap curtains. I thought she was crazy and so did our drapery showroom. The fabric is so stiff that it doesn’t hold a pleat very well but Paula + Martha managed to make it look fabulous in their little room. I especially love how the orange trim keeps it from looking too drab. A few of the antiques including the desk were borrowed from the wonderful antiques dealer, Gerald Bland, who is also selling Mr. Hadley’s drawings.

Back up on the fifth floor, Janna Bullock was given the not so easy task of decorating the elevator landing but decided to think outside the box literally! I’ve known of Janna Bullock for a few years since she shared the same publicist as the designer I used to work for but I didn’t know about her design work until recently. She is an international real estate developer from Russia who has always been involved with the interiors of her buildings and is also wonderful patron of the arts which is why her room was designed as a collector’s retreat. The floating furniture/sculpture is by the Russian artist Anya Zholud while a Sam Taylor Wood photograph of a family in a home wraps around the walls. The photograph on the while walls makes the space look like an art gallery but the subject matter makes it look like a room in a house with the “furniture.” I think it’s a space that makes you think which I really appreciated!
From this vantage point, you can see where the more modern upper floors meet the still grand lower floors. When I was upstairs, I thought the flowers on the wall looked like a French porcelain wall decoration but I would soon find out they were not!

The flowers are actually paper! Interior designer Amy Lau partnered with Maya Romanoff to create this stunning design. Amy Lau is very high energy and she told me that while she figured out her concept quickly while going through the Maya Romanoff wallpaper archives and then needed to find an artist who could create the flowers in a short time period. Lucky for her and the show house, acclaimed paper artist Jo Lynn Alcorn was up to the task.

The background paper is Wall Mica from Maya Romanoff who created all the papers for the wall including a custom color for the branches and hand painted paper for the leaves. The whole effect which includes custom gilt mirrors is stunning and is perfect for spring!

The design really matches the architecture of the house and plays well off the brass and iron railings. The creativity and talent of everyone involved with the show house this year continues to amaze me!

Christopher Maya was challenged with decorating the entry hall which is all cold stone which he tried to warm up with plumy colored ikat, velvet banquettes and a skirted center table. This area was a bit of a mess the day I was there so I don’t have many good photos but there is a better one on New York Social Diary. The designers of the public spaces were given a tough assignment but I think they all passed with flying colors!

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  1. maison21 April 20, 2009 | 10:43 pm

    LOVE the hanging sculpture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jill April 21, 2009 | 12:11 am

    Wow to the flowers.

  3. A Gift Wrapped Life April 21, 2009 | 1:09 am

    These flowers are exquisite and so perfect it’s hard to image anything more perfect. Kudos to the designers and paper floral artist.A magnificant treatment, it’s too bad I am going to miss the showhouse this year, I would have loved to see this. But since I can’t, thank you for sharing.

  4. Anonymous April 21, 2009 | 2:42 am

    I am so glad you covered the Landing by designer Christopher Corcoran. It was, for me, the epitome of good taste. Every single thing about it was gorgeous! And every one with whom I attended the show with voted this as one of the best of the house. Simply beautiful.

    Thank you for this blog.

  5. Anonymous April 21, 2009 | 12:35 pm

    You are doing an amazing job covering this event which I have always wanted to go to and have always wished there was more thorough and detail oriented coverage of. I think you have a great eye and a wonderful sensibility.
    Thanks so much.

  6. Anonymous April 21, 2009 | 1:56 pm

    Thanks for covering the Kips Bay showhouse. I was there over the weekend and thought it was truly terrific. I especially liked the Corcoran landing featured above as well as the small bathroom by Andrew Flescher; both spaces extremely well done and thought out. Lau’s flowers were very theatrical and effective. The main rooms were great too. Overall, the best house in years. And your blog overall, the best around!

  7. Anonymous April 21, 2009 | 3:09 pm

    In From DC for the show:

    Having lived in Los Angeles and Washington I can say that nothing can compare to the Kips Bay showhouse. I visited the house on Sunday and was quite taken by the talent of the designers. The Bunny Williams room was quite lovely on the first floor. And, I was especially taken with the landing created on the second floor by Mr. Corcoran. He has created an exquisite atmosphere or serenity and beauty.

  8. Habitually Chic April 22, 2009 | 7:55 pm

    Maison21 – it looks really cool in person since it’s right below the skylight!

    Jill – I am in awe of Amy Lau’s flowers!

    A Gift Wrapped Life – Can you imagine getting the stairwell as your “room” and sitting there wondering what the heck to do with it?! She did a great job!

    Anonymous 10:42pm – it’s funny how the smallest “rooms” can have the biggest impact!

    Anonymous 8:35am – Awwww thanks! I really enjoyed touring the house and I am very happy to be able to share it with everyone else, esp. those who live too far to visit it in person!

    Anonymous 9:56am – I’m so glad you were able to experience it in person! It really is one of the best houses ever! Thanks for the compliment too!

    Anonymous 11:09am – I can’t wait to show more of Bunny’s room. The colors were amazing! And who knew Christopher Corcoran’s landing would be such a hit! I’m so happy for him!

  9. Anonymous April 22, 2009 | 9:26 pm

    I couldn’t agree more with the previous comments. This is the best Kips Bay showhouse in many years. There is something for everyone and yet,there wasn’t this need to overstep design boundaries in order to be noticed as in previous years. For me, the rooms that impressed were the Montoya and Williams’ livingrooms, the Kligerman bedroom as well as the Corcoran landing. The orange room by Joe Nye was a kick and the sitting room by Garrow Kadisian was a good use of abbreviated space.

    Thanks for covering this showhouse. And for those who can get there, do so. It’s worth it.

  10. Rebecca June April 23, 2009 | 12:24 am

    Can I get those flowers in my house? So breathtaking.


    Rebecca June

  11. Katrina Lynn April 23, 2009 | 9:55 pm

    Wowy Zowy to those flowers!!! I have such a thing for paper flowers lately!

  12. Anonymous April 24, 2009 | 1:55 pm

    Great job to every designer who participated. I attended yesterday, and I loved, loved, loved the house this year. Flowers were way out there and So much fun!
    2nd Landing was chic and beautiful. Moss’s landing and bedroom room was also really nice.

    Thanks for covering it all so well.

  13. Mimi April 29, 2009 | 5:36 pm

    The flowers are stunning! Amy Lau always does such creative wall treatments. Can’t wait to see the showhouse…Going on Monday. Great job covering the event!

  14. Anonymous May 1, 2009 | 1:49 pm

    Thanks for covering the Kips Bay house and for all your other wonderful features. I was there yesterday and I also loved the house this year. Kudos to the designers. The landings and staircases are generally forgotten or treated in a trivial manner, but both Corcoran and Lau did outstanding jobs. I was amazed by both!