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Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors

by habituallychic

02 . 02 . 09
If there is ever a reason to make a pilgrimage to New York to see a museum exhibition, it would be to see Pierre Bonnard: The Late Interiors at The Metropolitan Museum of Art that runs through April 19, 2009. It is a beautiful show of 80 paintings, drawings and watercolors from the artist’s later years hung in the wonderful Lehman Galleries. I had a chance to see it Sunday and the bright and sunny colors had be dreaming of spring. I know you will love it too.

The demands and the pleasures of seeing, and its reward, crude seeing and intelligent seeing. -Pierre Bonnard

There is always color, it has yet to become light. – Pierre Bonnard

Purple in the grays. Vermilion in the orange. Shadows on a cold, fine day. – Pierre Bonnard

In trying to do what I have never done, give the impression one has on entering a room: one sees everything and at the same time nothing. – Pierre Bonnard

Color does not add a pleasant quality to design – it reinforces it. – Pierre Bonnard

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  1. Penelope Bianchi February 2, 2009 | 7:11 am

    Completely divine and enchanting!


  2. Zelda February 2, 2009 | 8:50 am

    so adorable !

  3. Scott Fazzini February 2, 2009 | 11:30 am

    Truly beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  4. Renee Finberg February 2, 2009 | 12:39 pm

    love his work,,,,,


  5. pve design February 2, 2009 | 2:00 pm

    I studied “Bonnard” and one of my most favorite thing about him is that he was a “barrista” – that and the incredibly intense color!

  6. Laurie Reynolds February 2, 2009 | 2:26 pm

    he’s one of my favorite painters! ever since one of my professors introduced me to his work in college, he’s had a big impact on my own painting. thanks for sharing and i can’t wait to check it out!

  7. Laura February 2, 2009 | 3:44 pm

    Lovely…has sort of Gaugin-ish quality to it…except not in Tahiti..

  8. Anonymous February 2, 2009 | 5:04 pm

    Look at the way he puts together colors. Those colors would make great interior combinations.

  9. Ivy Lane February 2, 2009 | 8:43 pm

    Stunning and uplifting!

  10. Lisa Borgnes Giramonti February 2, 2009 | 11:19 pm

    Oh, I long to see these in person…I may have to make a trip to NYC for this very reason!

  11. Patricia Gray February 3, 2009 | 12:15 am

    What a beautiful exhibition. I miss you, you never comment on my Blog anymore??
    Any more sightings of AH?

  12. fromtherightbank February 3, 2009 | 12:17 am

    I’ve always found Bonnard to be so inspirational. I’ll definitely be going to this show when I’m back in NY next month.

  13. Gina February 3, 2009 | 1:27 am

    these soft pastels are great, would love to see it

    Gina from Germany

  14. annechovie February 3, 2009 | 2:16 am

    Wow, what an exhibit! I saw a few pieces of his at the Met last time I was in town and he remains one of my perennial faves. Great post, Heather – thanks!

  15. hmstrjam February 3, 2009 | 3:10 am

    i can’t wait to see this show!

  16. Leslie Harris / interior design February 4, 2009 | 8:54 pm

    Thanks for reminding me of Bonnard. I used to refer to his work when I was studying painting in college. I had forgotten about him completely.

    Leslie Harris

  17. Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas February 4, 2009 | 9:11 pm

    very lovely, cozy colours and scenes. gazing at these as transported me to a little peaceful bubble for the afternoon.

  18. Fifi Flowers February 8, 2009 | 6:43 am

    LOVE his work… I saw an exhibit of his while I was in Paris… truly WONDERFUL!