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Everything Happens for a Reason

by habituallychic

12 . 08 . 08

HC is the latest victim of the current economic crisis. I’m trying to look at this as a positive thing since I never felt that the firm I was working for was a very good fit. And now I have time to focus on what I really want to do which includes working on my own client projects, writing, styling, and consulting. I’m also excited to start accepting advertising and sponsors on the blog since I have so many readers now. (It might be nice to earn a little money for all my hard work too!) But in the meantime, if anyone needs an interior designer or has any job leads, give me a call. I have a lot of free time on my hands!

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  1. Ms. Wis./Each Little World December 8, 2008 | 2:54 am

    HC — Hang in there and try to work on your projects. It’s things like your blog that set you apart and will get you noticed and hired again. Over the years, I’ve had some great jobs that I had never planned on that seemed to come out of left field — but really came out of me doing something I loved that got noticed and got me noticed. Good luck (and it does really make us stronger).

  2. Anonymous December 8, 2008 | 3:24 am

    I know it must be more than a little scary (hey, I’m livin’ it right now). You must know, as a person who has so much talent and a blogger who is on the cutting edge, you will get thru this! I have been reading your blog since, I can’t even remember. You have influenced and inspired me with your impecable taste and your wonderful sense of humor. Keep a stiff upper lip! It is people like you, with so much more to give, that we need to make this world a little more bright and beautiful! Thanks for your continual inspiration. And I can’t wait to see what’s next!


  3. Habitually Chic December 8, 2008 | 3:30 am

    Thanks Ms. Wis! I think this will be the kick in the pants I need to work on all the things I was too busy to do when I was working. And I can only believe that something better is about to come along! Thanks for your support!

  4. Habitually Chic December 8, 2008 | 3:34 am

    Carol, Thanks for the pep talk! I’m sorry you’re in the same prediciment. I am definitely nervous but I am less scared since I already have a lot of other irons in the fire. I have also met a lot of great people lately so I’m hoping at least one of them will be able to help me. I wish you the best too!

  5. Rita G. Patel December 8, 2008 | 3:36 am

    I lost my job 2 1/2 years ago and although it was not ‘fun’ it quickly freed me and open to doors to do the things I wanted to but had been putting off. Everything has its challenges but nothing beats doing what you love on your own terms. Your taste and style is inspiring and stands out from the pack and you’ll do well. In the meantime, I will keep my eyes open for you. Carry on one small step at a time.

  6. Habitually Chic December 8, 2008 | 3:40 am

    Thanks Rita! I had been thinking of leaving for a while so this just forced my hand. I know it’s for the best and hopefully I will land on my feet just like you!

  7. patri December 8, 2008 | 3:55 am

    Sorry to hear that. I heart your blog 🙂

  8. Lisa D. December 8, 2008 | 4:12 am

    Hi Habitually Chic
    I’ve been consumed with a major move and have not had a chance to check in until now. Very sorry to hear about your news. I’ve been reading your blog since you started and I’m always truly inspired. As you said everything happens for a reason!

  9. - December 8, 2008 | 4:14 am

    Aw, I love your blog! <3

  10. Suzy December 8, 2008 | 5:09 am

    Oh no! What a shame, although it sounds like its not a totally negative thing. I hope you find something, I’m sure you will. It’s pretty scary here too with all the lay-offs amongst design firms, I’m just taking each day as it comes, but my firm is quite busy so I’m crossing my fingers. I’m sure that some of those “irons” you have in the fire will pay off soon. Good luck!

  11. M.Lane December 8, 2008 | 5:18 am

    My mom always says “this too shall pass” and she has always been right. You are obviously very talented and you write well too.

    You will land well on your feet and be much the better for it. Thanks for the great blog. Those of us who are design impaired really enjoy this window into your art.


  12. desiree@lookiloos.com December 8, 2008 | 6:07 am

    Sorry to hear that HC. Love your blog. You’ve got great style and you will come out of this on the other side stronger and little wiser. Good Luck!

  13. Crystallin December 8, 2008 | 7:16 am

    I recently started following your blog. I can’t do much to help your current situation, except to keep your readership up. That I can do happily.

    Good luck!

  14. Anonymous December 8, 2008 | 7:55 am

    I, too, recently lost my job and it’s been very difficult trying to find a new one. I am just trying to keep my head up and think positive, hoping I will land in an even better place. I think you have impeccable style and taste and I wish you the best in whatever it is you decide to do.

  15. Ron Empel December 8, 2008 | 9:25 am

    I may not leave many comments, but I read every post, so I feel I kinda I got to you a little. Very sorry to read about the situation, but like many already stated, it will open other doors. You have some serious talents, something will come up. Good idea to invited sponsors. Maybe….I would be interested. As you may recall I do high end lamps…I am a small outfit, never did any promo-work for the collection, but I think I am feeling the ‘crisis’ too. Maybe now I should do some promo. So lets talk….Are you able to recoup my email adress?

    Ron ( empelcollections.com)

  16. jojo December 8, 2008 | 9:56 am

    Keep your chin up and put a big smile on your face!

    Don’t just accept something that comes along because it is there- use this time to concentrate on what you want to do!

    Best of luck!

  17. Gina December 8, 2008 | 10:07 am

    Couple of months ago you wrote principally: … what I like best ist write, write, write …..

    o.k. now you have got the chance of taking the time and do whatever you like best. Don’t waste it being being sort of a ….. go for your real talents!!!

    Gina from Germany

  18. Anonymous December 8, 2008 | 1:29 pm

    hang in there..it happens to almost everyone…as I learned last year when i was let go, and as you said if where you were wasn’t a good fit, it just means there is something better right around the bend. keep your chin up! great blog!

  19. Renee Finberg December 8, 2008 | 1:51 pm

    oh honey, can we talk ?
    i am going through the same thing.

    after 30 years in the biz, i am actually considering a different field.

    florida has really been hit hard.
    ( wish i were back on e. 58th st. )
    i just can not take it here, the clients, the tight wads, the whining…you name it.

    oh, let’s not forget the complete lack of clients –

    right now , i am not liking my life too much.

    but hang tough!
    you will not only survive, but you will rise to the very top !

    you remember, this is what you love, and you are a great talent.


  20. Anonymous December 8, 2008 | 1:53 pm

    Hang in there. I absolutely love your blog – read it all the time. As a fellow New Yorker, I really enjoy your perspective.

    You are very talented and have an amazing eye. These are tough times, but you are one who will land on her feet!

  21. Ivy Lane December 8, 2008 | 2:04 pm

    HC, Sorry to hear the news. Hang in there, I have no doubt that there are big things on the horizon for you!

  22. CJ December 8, 2008 | 2:20 pm

    I wish! Who doesn’t need a decorator? I do upholstery (hobby/part time) and have noticed a real downturn but not as severe in my real world of advertising. Good luck to you. Great blog!

  23. Kathryn December 8, 2008 | 2:30 pm

    I’m a super busy lawyer/mom who has very little time to read, and you are one of the very few blogs on my google reader. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I do love it — I end up “starring” so many of your posts to save. You are a great writer with obviously fabulous style. So, from a complete stranger I can tell you that somehow you have hooked me — something you clearly have done for many others. I recommend the book “Who Moved My Cheese” — a good friend read it after a layoff a few years ago, and while we laughed about it at the time, I think it really helps people who already have your attitude — these things happen for a reason, and it might just be the kick in the pants you need to find something that REALLY makes you happy! This is going to be great for you!

  24. Alicia December 8, 2008 | 2:35 pm

    Sorry to hear the bad news. You have excellent taste, and a fabulous blog… I’m sure many good things are in store for you!

    Lots of good luck!

  25. ArchitectDesign December 8, 2008 | 2:39 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear this, I hope there is a silver lining to this cloud! This is definitely a case of the ‘mean reds’. Hang in there!

  26. ray December 8, 2008 | 2:53 pm

    dear chic, your blog is a great great thing amidst a sea of internet rubbish and a clear indicator of your good (and developing) taste. your former company must be a bunch of shit for brains to not want to keep you on, if your eye here is an example of your carefully curated choice. all i have to say is “fuck them!” i wish you the best of luck in the future. love, a fan.

  27. Emily December 8, 2008 | 2:57 pm

    I’m sorry to hear this, as it can be very worrysome to be out of work (I’ve been there) but as you said, perhaps the former firm wasn’t the best fit for you and now you can move onwards and upwards. Your blog is delightful and you will be in my thoughts. Chin up!

  28. LindsB December 8, 2008 | 3:16 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear this, it is an awful place to be in. But please know that you are very talented and have a very bright future in whatever you decide!

  29. annechovie December 8, 2008 | 3:19 pm

    Heather, I am sorry! Sounds like you have a good outlook, though and you are right, EVERYTHING does happen for a reason. When God closes a door, He opens a window….(ok, no more quotes from Mother Superior – LOL). Take care and have a great Holiday – I know good things are ahead for you!

  30. the quarter rat December 8, 2008 | 3:20 pm

    So sorry to hear this, but a calamity can be an opportunity. I lost a brand-new job after Hurricane Katrina, but got a much, much better job soon after.

    Try to keep good energy around yourself (remember that there are a lot of people thinking about you) and opportunities you never dreamt of will come around. In the meantime, I’ll click on your ads every day!

  31. Anonymous December 8, 2008 | 3:24 pm

    I’m sorry to hear that, but also pleased to hear you sound so positive.

    Enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends, be thankful for the great talents and people that you have in your life, and remain always aware that new doors are about to open for you!


  32. High-Heeled Foot in the door December 8, 2008 | 3:27 pm

    Dear HC,

    So sorry to hear about your news. I have no profound words of wisdom, but I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you. You are so talented, smart, witty, sweet, and last but not least, chic that I’m certain that wonderful things are coming your way.

  33. Blair December 8, 2008 | 4:08 pm

    I am so sorry to hear this. It is the scary reality of the world right now. But as everyone before me has said you have an amazing talent and wonderful taste that I am sure will not be under utilized for long. I do have to say that you were one of the first blogs I read and that inspired me to start my own-so thank you. Best of luck!

  34. kate (pm) December 8, 2008 | 5:17 pm

    HC, so sorry to hear this. This happening in every field, everywhere. I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning. Perhaps there will be more writing opportunities? I never miss a post! Times are tough, HC – please hang in there! Lots of people are rooting for you. That’s all of positive vibes in your direction!

  35. Anonymous December 8, 2008 | 5:36 pm

    Dear HC,
    Very sorry to hear about the job loss. I click onto your blog first thing everyday!!! I, too am an interior designer faced with the end of a job in April…and while this is somewhat scary in this economy, it is also quite stimulating and a chance to go for something that makes you happy, instead of settling for just a job in your field.
    Best of luck to you!

  36. Mom x 2 December 8, 2008 | 5:56 pm

    I’ve been reading your blog for months but have never commented. I adore your blog and wanted to just say that I’m sorry you lost your job. That really stinks. With your style, you should have no problem landing on your feet.

  37. Kristin December 8, 2008 | 6:40 pm

    Things DO happen for a reason. 🙂

    I just stumbled onto your blog via other blogs. I felt the same way when I was laid off from an architecture firm in September. Unfortunately, considering the continued state of the economy, I’ve been unable to locate a position elsewhere. At times this is terribly frustrating… and yet, I also think that it’s a good thing. I figure if I’m meant to find a job right now, that it would have happened.

    There is something to be learned during this time, I think. Time to reflect on my goals and passions.

    I wish you all the best!

  38. Bart Boehlert December 8, 2008 | 6:48 pm

    Hello HC,
    I have been laid off too and I haven’t announced it on my blog but I think it’s a good idea – thanks for the example. Best of luck to you. And I love the Breakfast at Tiffany’s photo!

  39. m.bibelot December 8, 2008 | 7:03 pm

    I’m so sorry to hear this. I do agree with the others; you have so much talent as both a blogger and an interior designer, I know you’ll end up on top! Best of luck to you! xoxo

  40. Mr. Peacock December 8, 2008 | 8:46 pm

    Pardon my French…but that sucks!
    The important thing, and I know it’s difficult, is to stay positive. Look at it as extra time with family and friends over the holidays…and you can refresh your resume and work on the things you haven’t had time to work on…the important thing is don’t worry!
    By the way, I love your blog!

  41. anon December 8, 2008 | 9:03 pm

    HC, Would you be willing to set up a sort of business like the Washington Post’s feature “House Calls”?

    For a nominal fee, like $50 or $100 or something, readers could send you pictures and dimensions of a room, and you could address whatever issue they identify?

    I haven’t a need (yet) for a decorator but I sure could use some professional tips.

    I’d pay via paypal. 🙂

  42. Rowena December 8, 2008 | 9:13 pm

    Hang in there HC! Good things happen to good (and talented) people. Keep your mind open to all opportunities and they will come — sometimes where you least expect it!

  43. Alice Olive December 8, 2008 | 9:21 pm

    I’m truly sorry. I think the worst thing is that this change may not be absolutely YOUR timing. I also love your blog and also think you’re a highly creative person – I hope you move on to the next amazing thing as soon as you want it. All the best.

  44. CashmereLibrarian December 8, 2008 | 10:02 pm

    So terrifying; I’m so sorry. But hopefully cathartic and creatively stimulating as well. You deserve the best, and will get it, I’m sure. And I’m selfishly excited for your continuing posts!

  45. La Petite Maison December 8, 2008 | 10:10 pm

    Aww, man; I’m so sorry to hear that! I just went through something similar at work last week, and then some! I’m glad that you continue to have such a positive attitude, and I hope to do the same. I pray that good things come your way soon!

  46. Habitually Chic December 8, 2008 | 11:19 pm

    THANK YOU!!! I have bene overwhelmed by the wonderful and supportive emails and comments today. I’m sorry that I can’t respond to everyone personally but I want you to know how much they have meant to me and will definitely keep me motivated to make my new dreams a reality.

    And to Anon, that’s a great idea! I am going to be working on a lot of ideas like that in the next few weeks. Check back or email me if you would like to start sooner.

  47. designbabylon December 8, 2008 | 11:34 pm

    HC —

    I was sorry to hear your news, but I am very excited for all the opportunities on the horizon for you. Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to step outside our comfort zones.

    I’m in a somewhat similar situation — I am not happy with my current work situation, but the state of the economy is so scary that I’m trying to hang in there. I can’t help but think that life is too short to be miserable at work and am starting the process of going off on my own. My blog (www.designbabylon.com) has made me realize how much I enjoy writing and sharing my ideas with people and I wish I had more time to devote to it.

    Stay strong — even Holly Golightly got over “The Mean Reds”!


  48. Christina December 8, 2008 | 11:57 pm

    I love your blog and am really sorry about the news. I know how it feels though, I graduated last spring and still cannot find a promising job. To echo everyone else’s comments, you have great taste and something will come along:) Good luck!

  49. An Aesthete's Lament December 9, 2008 | 12:15 am

    Good heavens, I had no idea of this news until now, upon returning home. You are an extraordinary talent, and your blog is truly swell. Use it as your springboard! This is a brave new world, and you are assured a finely feathered perch in it, I am certain.

  50. hello gorgeous December 9, 2008 | 1:21 am

    Dearest HC,

    Haven’t you heard? Blogging is the new black, I mean, the new magazine.

    Now, gitch yerself some ads and get a move on. I promise to click like mad.

    You’re a very giving person. What comes around, goes around, honey. Best of luck.



  51. No.35style December 9, 2008 | 3:40 am

    So sorry about this. I hope this opens a door for you for a wonderful opportunity in life.

  52. Habitually Chic December 9, 2008 | 3:46 am

    Thanks again to everyone and especially Hello Gorgeous! Your comment made me laugh out loud! I do hope people will click if I post advertisments because it will mean that I don’t have to go work for someone else!

  53. Edi Style December 9, 2008 | 10:29 am

    You will be alright! Drink lots of water and sing out loud

  54. joelle December 10, 2008 | 4:01 am

    Me too. At least we don’t have to go outside in the cold unless we really really want to. Things will get better soon… I hope!

  55. pve design December 19, 2008 | 11:21 am

    Favors come in strange ways, I was fired from my first job in NY – long ago, and my boss told me, we are pushing you out of the nest, because we know you can fly. It was the nicest thing anyone could do for me.

  56. Camilla @ Designalogue Blog December 22, 2008 | 10:46 am

    It will be the BEST thing to happen to you! Similar thing happened to me a few years ago & I havent looked back since! Now have my own design firm and living the dream!

  57. Scott Fazzini December 27, 2008 | 9:47 pm

    Looks like it’s time to get in a cab and head to Tiffany’s. The quietness and the proud look of it. ..nothing very bad could ever happen there.

    I would wish you much luck, but I’m positive that you don’t need luck. You are spectacularly talented, and almost overwhelmingly chic. So, enjoy this time and look forward to the future.