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Downtown with David

by habituallychic

11 . 03 . 08

This past Saturday was a beautiful day in more ways than just the weather. I had the pleasure of spending it with my favorite Kansas City resident, David Jimenez! David actually grew up in New York and if Ron Marvin and I have our way, we’re going to figure out a way for him to come back or at least visit more often! We had a fabulous day that started out with brunch at Freemans with Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts…ok, they were actually at their own table but it was still a fun celebrity sighting. The place is always packed but the food is worth the wait!

Then we had to stop into Freemans Sporting Club where David didn’t much convincing to buy the chic bag above. It is made exclusively for the shop out of fabric they make hunting clothes from and has a lock they use on bank money bags but the best part is the bright orange lining!

Plaid shirts just in time for the winter chill!

Freemans, the store, carries a beautiful array of new and vintage items and if you need a shave or a haircut, there is a barbershop in the back room!
I also made David pop into Club Monaco which he doesn’t have in Kansas City. Club Monaco carries a great selection of men’s and women’s clothing that is fashion forward without being too trendy.

David picked up a great pair of black and white plaid pants for the holidays and I went back on Sunday and picked up the grey flannel dress that I had admired!
Unfortunately, George and Jon of Flair were in Italy this weekend, rough life! But we still stopped in to check out their new selections. The lamp in the window above is completely crazy but for some reason, I totally love it!

The art is always my favorite thing in Flair and I might have to get them to take me on the next buying trip!

I swear I did take a photo with David but it came out a little blurry that’s why he’s the model in every shot! Other stops that were not documented included John Derian (fab as always!), the New Museum to see the Elzabeth Peyton exhibition (beyond gorgeous in person!), Tory Burch (great for inspiration), Ciao Bella for gelato (yummy!), Double RL for more vintage (saw photog Bruce Weber), Muji for paper (perfect for to do lists) and finally to The Mercer (talk about good people watching!) for some much needed drinks. I had so much fun showing David all my favorite haunts. I hope you visit some of them too the next time you are downtown!

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  1. Anonymous November 4, 2008 | 3:32 am

    Do post a picture of your gray dress! We do not have a Club Monaco in Nashville and I love their clothes.

  2. Habitually Chic November 4, 2008 | 3:36 am

    Anonymous – I would love to post a photo but they don’t have it on the website. I actually wore it today or I would have someone take a photo of me in it. I’ll have to see what I can do the nest time I wear it. I never met a dress I didn’t love!

  3. Jenny November 4, 2008 | 4:58 am

    Just wanted to say congratulations on your mention in Domino! How exciting! I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and although I never comment, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!
    PS. Great job on the bachelor pad.

  4. Suzy November 4, 2008 | 5:29 am

    HC – I’m a bit of a fan of Club Monaco myself…luckily there are a few stores here for me to indulge in. Would love to spend the day with you in NY to go check out some of those other places though!

  5. Be the change..... November 4, 2008 | 2:38 pm

    Funny how evereyone picks up on the same thread. about 75% of my wardrobe is from Club Monaco -it’s fantastic! I’ve never heard of Freemans, I think I need to check it out next time I’m in the city! Ciao Bella is my favorite snack, I think I even blogged about it myself a while back! Looks like yo guys had a really fun day!

  6. porter hovey November 4, 2008 | 2:42 pm

    Awww! What a fun day!! You just can’t get better then Freeman’s. Now I’m craving the Devils on Horseback (the bacon dates) YUMMY!

  7. katiedid November 4, 2008 | 3:13 pm

    If I got a whole day to shop in NYC I think I would explode with joy!!!! ANd with David…doubley wonderful I bet. 🙂

  8. Miss Dashwood November 4, 2008 | 3:17 pm

    How fun to spend a day shopping anywhere with David Jimenez! I am a big fan of his work and boy is he handsome! Congratulations, HC on your Domino mention.

  9. Esprit Broderie November 4, 2008 | 3:54 pm

    I love your blog…your style and now…i love David Jimenez!! I’d like to went in New York…
    bye from Italy
    ciao Alessandra

  10. Ali November 4, 2008 | 7:29 pm


    David is such a fun date, isn’t he? Looks like some fantastic shopping!!! I want to check out Freeman’s & Flair for sure.