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Do You Iron Your Sheets?

by habituallychic

07 . 29 . 08

We’ve been having many discussions about bed linens at work this week since we are sourcing them for clients. This lead to more discussions about who irons them and who doesn’t and how often they change them. I have also been dealing with linens at the Bachelor Pad since he is out of town and I thought it would be nice if he returned to find the bed dressed with the new linens. I spent more time than I would have liked trying to iron the sheets and shams with a sad old Black & Decker iron that will be replaced on my next trip to Gracious Home. And then I wondered what will happen when I’m not there to deal with them. The cleaning lady changes them but I can’t imagine her ever ironing them!

Anyway, I only iron the tops of my flat sheets since that is all you see and all the shams. Some people iron the flat sheets while they are on the bed. Others have their “housekeeper” iron the tops in between washings while on the bed. (That’s a bit strange since technically she’s ironing “dirty” sheets.) I also hear Oprah likes to have hers changed every other day but when you’re a billionaire I guess you’re entitled to clean sheets whenever you want them. So I’m curious, do you iron your sheets? Do you think people who do are crazy or just very particular? And how often do you change them?

All linens and photos from Leontine Linens

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  1. Mrs. Limestone July 29, 2008 | 10:09 pm

    Ironed sheets are lovely. If I had a team of live in staff to cater to my whims, I’d definitely put that on their to-do list. Until that time, Im destined to lie on wrinkled sheets.

  2. erika - urban grace July 29, 2008 | 10:39 pm

    I iron mine if we have company coming. We change our sheets once a week. {Sounds gross compared to Oprah’s every-other-day.} I always iron clients sheets when doing that ‘first install’. I’ve only had one client in the past who I know ALWAYS irons her sheets. (fitted, top, bottom, duvet, shams, cases, the whole 9 yards). I don’t have that kind of time, and frankly would be devastated to get in the bed after spending endless hours ironing.
    The best iron: Rowenta. I highly recommend it. I also invested in the big mama steamer this year… I think she’s a Rowenta too? Love them both. They make the ironing job a little less painful.

  3. That Girl Designs July 29, 2008 | 10:40 pm

    Funny, I was going to ask this very question on my blog. I washed our white sheets over the weekend and just hate how wrinkled they are out of the dryer. So I thought, “do I iron them?” My husband would simply think I’m nuts, although he would probably love it if I did. The one problem I see is how to keep them from touching the floor as they hang on the ironing board. We have king sheets, so there would be quite a bit of clean sheet resting on the floor. I like your idea of ironing them on the bed, and only doing the tops. Nice alternative to the ironing board. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say on the topic.

  4. Paloma July 29, 2008 | 10:57 pm

    I can’t stand wrinkled sheets, so I iron our pillowcases and shams on the ironing board and the fitted and flat sheets, and duvet cover on the bed since we have a king. It’s a pain, but they look and feel so much better when they are ironed.

  5. Jane July 29, 2008 | 11:19 pm

    i iron the sheets but mostly the part that shows. always the pillow cases. and they get changed weekly. because ironing is not that much fun 🙂

  6. Kristine July 29, 2008 | 11:42 pm

    I’m a bit of an ironing freak – I like to iron everything – even my sons pyjamas.

    We change our bedlinen once a week and I always iron everything except the fitted sheet. We had a wonderful Italian nanny who helped out a few hours a week when the boys were littler. She showed me a great way to iron the sheets. You fold them in half and then half again across the sheet so you only have a long thin piece of fabric of 4 layers to iron. It’s much easier to fit on the ironing board (no matter how bad your iron is).

    I once read that Valentino has his sheets changed daily and that his valet irons them twice – the second time after the bed has been made!! Now that is about as luxurious a life as anyone needs don’t you think.

  7. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 12:30 am

    Wow, I feel like such a slob! As a single girl with a full-time job, plus part-time school, and a 2 hour commute each day, I’ve honestly never considered ironing my sheets! haha. They wrinkle when I sleep on them anyway. Suddenly, I feel inferior!

    Maybe I should consider becoming a billionaire. That seems to work pretty well.

  8. traci July 30, 2008 | 12:32 am

    Are you kidding? Who on earth has time to iron sheets, at least on a regular basis? I change sheets once a week. I’d love to change them more often, but it’s just not feasible. And I discovered Lands’ End 600 thread count Supima cotton no iron sateen bedding. They are awesome and a major bargain … far nicer than the much more expensive (and very wrinkly) sheets sitting in my armoire. They come out of the dryer looking great.

  9. CB July 30, 2008 | 12:45 am

    Changed and ironed once a week. However, if you take the sheets out of the dryer before they are bone dry, you can get a decent effect if you spread and pull very, very tight! (Pillow cases will still need to be ironed, but that is pretty fast.) Bon Nuit!

    Rowenta = heaven as far as irons go and I am a fan of the pro series of the Jiffy Steamer. But that seems to work best for clothes.

  10. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 1:01 am

    I have the laundry press them. I change them twice a week. It seems to me that if you would not wear your cloths repeatedly, why wouldn’t you change the sheets 2-3 times a week? And isn’t it the b-e-s-t feeling in the world to get into a crisp bed after a long soak? I should add I am single and have no children. Although, I’d probably need a fabulous bed even MORE if I had a couple of kiddies running me around all day!

  11. CashmereLibrarian July 30, 2008 | 1:28 am

    I just posted about this (indirectly) on my blog! I iron my pillowcases (first I spray them with Lavender water) and the top of my flat sheet. I change my sheets once a week, but if I could afford to, I’d exchange them daily with freshly ironed linens!
    Someone above recommended a Rowenta, and, I’d agree that when a Rowenta works, it’s fab. I’ve had two Rowentas, though, and both gave out rather quickly (especially for a $100+ piece of machinery!), so unless you can afford to buy a new one every six months, go with a Black & Decker or, well, anything else.

  12. tee538 July 30, 2008 | 1:45 am

    I wash bed linens and towels on Mondays, and the the pillowcases, duvet covers, and top third of the flat sheets are ironed. I do it while my 3 year old is napping, because it involves no thinking, and I feel like it’s an easy luxury to provide. I may try the “fold the flat sheet into fours” trick…

  13. An Aesthete's Lament July 30, 2008 | 1:47 am

    I usually iron just the top of the flat sheet, which can easily be done by folding it back (obviously) and sliding a fabric-covered board underneath so it can be ironed in situ. (A trick from the Duchess of Windsor, by the way.) I always iron the pillow cases though. And fyi: It is crucial to iron embroidered linens from the opposite site, so as not to flatten the embroidery; steam applied from the other side helps plump it up.

  14. Be the change..... July 30, 2008 | 1:51 am

    I change my sheets weekly and my pillow cases twice a week. I wash them in lavender detergent. I iron the pillow cases ONLY with lavender water – to iron the sheets would really be a pain! So becuse of this I only own 2 sets of sheets but 5 or 6 pairs of pillowcases. I think I have my system worked out pretty well!

  15. halcyon July 30, 2008 | 1:51 am

    I was raised by a Mother who worked 9 hours a day. Twice a week, however, she ironed sheets in front of the television. She did it to relax. She liked to have busy hands. I can tell you that I never fully appreciated her efforts as much as I should have, until I moved out on my own. At that time, GOD KNOWS how long between changes. And I think I had one set, which meant they were worn out.
    I do it occasionally, but I am afraid I don’t have the gene that feels it’s relaxing. If I had a mangle like Martha Stewart, then I’d do it. Funny though, the two or three times a year I do it, sprinkle them with rosemary and lemon water, have a bath instead of the usual shower, there is nothing finer than slipping between very good, very crisp ironed sheets.
    As it is, just normally washed & dried good quality sheets sprinkled with lemon & rosemary water, and a new down pillow every few years is a pretty close second.
    And if you think that’s good….buy some vintage long staple flax sheets and iron them. You will think yourself ruined for life.

  16. Shannon July 30, 2008 | 1:52 am

    I bought an iron (Rowenta) and board and started ironing my linens- so relaxing and zen! That got old really fast, however I was hooked on ironed linens. My house keeper comes every ten days and makes the bed with fresh sheets (this will probably horrify you once a weekers- but I do live alone and travel frequently). About once every four to six weeks I have her come early and iron all of my linens. I don’t know how she does it, but they look like they came new out of the package. When linens are ironed they take up half the space.

    When I was ironing them on my own I had the same problem with the sheets dragging on my wood floors. Interesting tip from the italian nanny!

  17. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 1:54 am

    i’ve never ironed my sheets, but have a question. don’t they get wrinkled again after a night’s sleep?

  18. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 2:21 am

    Mrs. Limestone – They don’t take that much extra work but I can understand not doing it.

    Erica – I actually went to an installation of a client who was not so nice to put it mildly, and she had bought her own linens so we didn’t help her and I was dying that they were wrinkled and she didn’t buy protectors for the pillos and left the tags on them! I still pains me to think about that day!

    That Girl Designs – I think it is much easier to iron the fitted sheet on the bed and only the top part of the flat sheet. Also, take the sheets out slightly damp. That is the key to getting the wrinkles out! Good luck!

    Paloma – I love getting into my frshly made bed. I swear I sleep better!

    Jane – I used to like ironing. I found it relaxing until I got too busy and now it stresses me out!

    Kristine – I am glad I am not the only one who irons pajamas! Thanks for the tip about the layers! I think everyone is going to try that one. I wonder if you ironed them that way and then stored them away, if they would stay mostly wrinkle free. I love the Valentino story too! I think the consenses is that if we all became million/billion-aires, we would all have our sheets changed and ironed daily!

    Anonymous – If no one sees them and it doesn’t bother you, then you have nothing to worry about. But I will say there is nothing more dreamy than going to be in a freshly made bed. Ahhhhhh!

    Traci – I change them once a week too and that seems to be the average. I think jersey sheets are nice for men who certainly wouldn’t iron their sheets!

    CB – My old Rowneta is great but I actually bought one tonight for the bachelor and it leaked all over the place. I think I might have to return it. So annoying since it did actually iron beautifully, except for the water that leaked onto everything!

    Anonymous – I know a few people who send them out to be drycleaned and pressed. I wish I could change them twice a week but once is all I can manage. I think I sleep the best on the day they are changed too!

    Cashmere Librarian – I’ve used ironing water and other products from The Laundress. They smell heavenly!

    Tee – let us know how you do with the folded trick. I might have to try it too!

    An Aethete’s Lament – I never thought about using an ironing board while they were on the bed. Do you mean the little small sized one? Interesting!

    Be the Change – I will admit that I have just changed the pilowcases a few times when I was too busy or tired to change the sheets and remake the whole bed. I think I need to invest in a cleaning woman soon. I’m running out of time to do anything!

    Halcyon – I forgot to mention the Mangler! We actually suggested one to a client who declined it until they started living in their 8 bedroom house! We just ordered it for her!

    Shannon – Does she live in NYC? I want to hire her!

    Anonymous – it depends on how much you toss and turn. They also stay less wrinkled if you live alone. Boys tend to rip the sheets out from under the mattress and wrinkle everything. But I would give up my neatly pressed sheets for a good man anyday!

  19. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 3:40 am

    “I thought it would be nice if he returned to find the bed dressed with the new linens.”

    You have a crush on this guy, don’t you? That is crush behavior.

  20. hello gorgeous July 30, 2008 | 4:52 am

    I also iron my sheets. I do the 4-layer (two-fold) but iron the halved section first, then the halved again section, cases (folding along the way into a little rectangle), shams (same as pillows), duvet (same as sheets – I like the creases!) but I put the fitted sheet on as soon as it comes out of the dryer. I can’t not iron now. The Oreck iron that came free with my vacuum cleaner is the best iron I have ever had and I keep it filled with distilled water. At the beach I use Rowenta, second best. And often, lavender spray. My friends ALL make fun of me but it doesn’t really take that long and it feels so luxurious. If not for yourself, then who?

  21. She Who Must Be Obeyed July 30, 2008 | 5:50 am

    I have some vintage linen sheets and pillowcases which I don’t use often enough. And I should get my act together; I have a mangle from the forties courtesy of my aunt. It really is extraordinary to slip between freshly laundered (and mangled) linen sheets.
    A few years ago I even managed to concoct my own linen spray – vodka, distilled water, and grapefruit oil.

    Thanks for inspiring me – I’ll get right on it! Tomorrow – or at least soon.

  22. teaorwine July 30, 2008 | 11:53 am

    Each week and year round, my grandmother would launder her sheets, hang them outdoors to dry and air, and finally, take an iron to them. They were heavenly to sleep on, needless to say. These days, this process would require a daily housekeeper to accomplish.

    I do however, press all my pajamas and have them hanging in my closet.

  23. Motor City Jeanne July 30, 2008 | 12:30 pm

    I’ve never ironed my sheets. Of course, people don’t generally see my bedroom, haha. Fresh out of the dryer, they don’t seem very wrinkled, anyway.

    I change them once a week. I just bought a new aqua set at IKEA and I love them! They match my aqua/grey/white/black quilt that my mom made me.

    Speaking of my mom…I remember while growing up…that my mom would hang our sheets out on the clothes line and they smelled wonderful afterwards! Also, she would iron them and use a bottle filled with water, with a sprinkle-head on it and would sprinkle the sheets with water while ironing them. That was back in the 60s.

  24. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 12:37 pm

    all all my friends would tell you i’m obsessed with sheets (i make travel arrangements based on hotel bedding!) i change the linens a minimum of once a week and i’m an iron-er. i find it a very calming activity for thursdays in front of the tv. i’ve found that the higher the thread count the longer the sheets stay unwrinkled. I just don’t think sending them out to be done gets them as clean and crisp as when i do them at home.

  25. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 12:37 pm

    all all my friends would tell you i’m obsessed with sheets (i make travel arrangements based on hotel bedding!) i change the linens a minimum of once a week and i’m an iron-er. i find it a very calming activity for thursdays in front of the tv. i’ve found that the higher the thread count the longer the sheets stay unwrinkled. I just don’t think sending them out to be done gets them as clean and crisp as when i do them at home.

  26. Claire Whitaker July 30, 2008 | 1:37 pm

    oprah should have her sheets changed twice a day just in case. ironing sheets, what perfect nonsense. the epitome of “decorating” a home, or otherwise, a housewife of the old school with nothing better to do.

  27. M.A. Breuer July 30, 2008 | 1:48 pm

    As a professional space organizer, most of my clients’ beds have ironed sheets (their housekeepers handle that chore). I always iron the pillow cases/shams and top sheet and change my bed linens once a week.

  28. Ms. Wis. July 30, 2008 | 2:37 pm

    My mom had the same routine as motorcity jeanne’s mother. But with four daughters she taught us to iron when we were fairly young. In those days everything was ironed including my father’s handkerchiefs and boxer shorts. We always put an old bedsheet on the floor before we ironed tablecloths or sheets. When I do iron, I do the same thing or at least dust the floor first. These days my closet is filled with linen shirts that I rarely iron though I was taught exactly in what order to iron all the parts of a shirt. But I am religious about checking the dryer constantly and taking things out at the precise moment before they begin to wrinkle and smoothing them by hand and instantly hanging them up. My question: how can I afford all these beautiful bed linens if I have to pay a housekeeper, too?

  29. Simoheide July 30, 2008 | 2:47 pm

    Hi, I read your blog from Italy/London
    Everybody in Italy irons their bedshhets, consider an outrage not to, usually the cleaning lady does it, if you cannot afford one you have to do it yourself, but once you come out from student life you appreciate again freshly ironed bedsheets. Also it is what shocks Italians when they visit American friends at home

  30. Jennifer July 30, 2008 | 3:38 pm

    what a fun discussion! I change our sheets once a week, and try to get the pillowcases and the top of the flat sheet ironed, but it doesn’t always happen. I’ve ironed everything once or twice, but the husband doesn’t appreciate it enough to do it frequently.

    a friend of mine ironed every piece on her bed a few weeks ago, and it looked so nice that she slept on her couch for three days!

  31. JennyV July 30, 2008 | 3:39 pm

    I think that once you start ironing your sheets (at minimum the pillowcases) it is hard to go back. The ironing really softens the fabric and helps me have a nice restful night of sleep. My Mom irons all sheets that touch the bed…I stick the the pillowcases, duvet, and the top of the flat sheet…it really doesn’t take that long. Also, I’m a huge fan of washing my bedding at least once a week. Anything longer makes me feel like my face is about to break out!

  32. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 3:47 pm

    You need 3 complete sets of sheets (with extra pillow cases, in case you are somewhere smoky, etc). 2 Sets of Duvet/Shams.
    1 set is on your bed
    1 set is hung in the closet
    1 set is at the laundry
    Once a week you change the sheets, Bi-Monthly you change out Duvet and Shams.
    If you take your laundry (for me only my husbands shirts and suits)once a week, this becomes very routine.
    My parents have been this way forever, and I picked up the habit when I got my first “adult” bed.
    When you launder your sheets professionally it is like a 5star hotel…I swear.

  33. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:21 pm

    Anonymous – Would you have asked that if I had dressed the bed of a female friend? I take care of everyone. It doesn’t mean I have crushes on all of them.

  34. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:22 pm

    Hello Gorgeous – What’s that line about “you’re worth it?!” Pressed sheets look good and feel good so I make the extra effort because I’m worth it!

  35. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:23 pm

    She who must be obeyed – I’m so jealous that you have a mangler. Is it easy to use?

  36. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:27 pm

    Tea or Wine – I wonder how much energy people would save if they hung their laundry out to dry like in the old days. I don’t think anyone does anymore. Plus, the sun bleaches whites!

  37. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:28 pm

    Motor City Jeanne – my mom worked so I don’t remember her ironing. Probably why she taught me to do it so early!

  38. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:29 pm

    Anonymous – I love that so many hotels are dressing their beds in beautiful crisp white linens! They are so wonderful to sleep in. My favorite was the hotel in Stockholm owned by a former ABBA member called Rival!

  39. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:31 pm

    Claire – To each his own. If it makes someone feel good to iron their sheets, then they should be allowed. And if someone is too busy or doesnt care, there is nothing wrong with that either. I work in design so it’s a given that I have to have ironed sheets and a perfectly made bed.

  40. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:32 pm

    Ms. Wis, I have to sweep before I iron so maybe I should try throwing an old sheet down first if I don’t have time. Thanks for the tip! I never thought of that!

  41. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:34 pm

    Simoheide – My mom bought me vintage European linens a while back but I didn’t take care of them as well as I could have. They were so beautifully embroidered and soooo soft. Do you think that Europeans so better linens since there was such a strong tradition of women creating a trousseau before they married?

  42. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:35 pm

    Jennifer, I don’t go that crazy but I do try not to toss and turn as much after the newly ironed sheets go on the bed!

  43. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:36 pm

    JennyV – good point about the face factor. Clean pillowcases are a must for clear skin.

  44. Habitually Chic July 30, 2008 | 4:37 pm

    Anonymous – I think extra pillowcases are key. I bought the bachelor extras too just in case.

  45. teaorwine July 30, 2008 | 4:59 pm

    HC…Have you read the “laundry” post at Pigtown Design? …worth a read. A great debate of pros and cons to drying laundry out-of-doors, on clothes-lines. I for one love the smell of freshly dried and aired linens. And you are so right about the sun bleaching them out, which can be a plus, if your linens are snow white.

  46. jora July 30, 2008 | 5:04 pm

    I do not iron them, but I always want to and feel I should. Instead, it seems I’m always running after 2 little kids. Maybe when they are older, or maybe I’ll have the housekeeper start.

  47. Sacheverelle July 30, 2008 | 5:20 pm

    LOL!!!!Iron?! I am lucky if they get changed once a month..No seriously..
    Those pictures of flawless bedding are deceiving..I worked for a company that styled photos of bedding & other items for catalogs & magazines. When those sheet sets are styled for these photos they are starched & ironed multiple times & the “pillows” are way, way over stuffed, pinned, then steamed while on the bed so everything is all perfect & there are absloutley no percievable flaws or wrinkles. Then everything is propped up & shaped with pieces of carboard & such. Anyway, I learned then that these pics of perfectly arranged bedding set unrealistic expectations.

  48. Shannon July 30, 2008 | 5:28 pm

    Sorry, my house keeper lives here in San Francisco! She is my angel. When you are single and used to doing everything for yourself it is wonderful to have someone pampering you a bit on a regular basis. She always does little extras and her standard of work has remained high for ten years. I often think that of all of my monthly expenditures, this has the highest rate of return. Sometimes I leave her flowers and note telling her how much I appreciate her.

  49. magnaverde July 30, 2008 | 5:46 pm

    Back when I had an American Empire sleigh bed the size of a boat, I used the ancient cotton or linen sheets I inherited from my Grandmother. At first I ironed them the way she did, but after a while I got lazy, and my bed was always Wrinkle City.

    The wonderfully soft cotton sheets finally wore out and these days, my grandmother’s 100-year old linen sheets hang at my windows in the summer, but I couldn’t use them on my bed these days, anyway, because my apartment doesn’t have room for the sleigh bed, so I sleep on a 24-inch-wide daybed from the 183Os.

    There are no commercially-available sheets that small, so since I had to have them custom-made anyway, I had the bottom sheets made out of wool mattress pads & the top sheets & pillowcases made out of vintage Army blankets, which works just fine with the murky green paint on my walls. Best of all, everything’s washable in hot water & never needs ironing. My friends said I was crazy, but then, they say that, anyway.

  50. Alice Olive July 30, 2008 | 5:50 pm

    Ooooh, a mini survey!!

    Coincidentally I’ve been discussing this with friends lately… ahh, the important things in life!

    I don’t iron because I find little wrinkling occurs if I fold my sheets are soon as they come out of the dryer.

    I change my sheets every four days. Which seems to be considered over the top by some of my friends.

    What concerns them even more is that I also turn and flip my mattress every four days too.

  51. stacy July 30, 2008 | 6:13 pm

    I am shocked so many people iron their sheets. I wash them weekly but man, I hate ironing. I want a steamer so bad.

  52. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 6:55 pm

    Life is too short to iron at all, let alone sheets! Use your bed for what it’s for…it’s not a coffin.

  53. porter hovey July 30, 2008 | 7:21 pm

    I can barely make my bed — much less iron my sheets!!

  54. stljoie July 30, 2008 | 7:26 pm

    THE best bed linen possible is not ironed but it is dried on a line under the sun in fresh air. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING, feels or smells as wonderful as bedding prepared that way. I’ve just aged myself.

  55. Ms. Wis. July 30, 2008 | 8:18 pm

    If you have antique linens and textiles, be very careful about sun bleaching and drying outside. “The greatest enemy of all textiles is light; not only visible light but also the ultra-violet radiation in the daylight and that emitted by florescent tube lighting,” says my bible on the subject: “Caring for Textiles” by Finch and Putnam.

  56. CashmereLibrarian July 30, 2008 | 8:19 pm

    Well, let’s talk about good sheets. I can’t afford anything terribly expensive (Frette, Porthault) and I only like percale (not sateen). Pottery Barn classic bedding seems to be a reasonably priced alternative; I have a couple of sets. Any other suggestions?
    PS Does anyone else use only white linens? I’m obssessed by white towels and sheets.
    PPS I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person in the world that irons sheets!

  57. Be the change..... July 30, 2008 | 8:24 pm

    I only use all white sheets -but use colored towels (hmm….all white towels too….). I have a set of pottery barn sheets and a set of sheets from target…nothing expensive! All my pillowcases though are higher quality ones that I’ve scored elsewhere though -i ditch the pillowcases that come with the sheet sets from target and PB.

  58. An Aesthete's Lament July 30, 2008 | 8:28 pm

    Re ironing board … not one of the small ones … just an actual wood board from the lumberyard, about 3/4 of an inch thick and say a foot wide … cover it with a padded cloth of some kind and slip it under the fold-down and iron away!

  59. pve design July 30, 2008 | 8:46 pm

    A while ago, several other esteemed bloggers, posted about to iron or not to iron. “Easy and elegant” posted about this and to iron the duvet and the pillow cases.
    I love all white sheets and those with a dobby pattern seem to wear well and show less wrinkles. We stayed in a B & B and the sheets and duvet had lovely white sheets and white towels. I collect old linens for hand towels and large white squares for napkins. I love to iron or have those ironed. Small luxuries in life add to making it all worthwhile.

  60. Visual Vamp July 30, 2008 | 9:10 pm

    I iron the sheets with my body heat LOL, or sometimes I spritz them with lavender water once the bed is made. Sometimes I iron the pillow cases.
    Who do I sleep on? Cheeky aren’t you?
    The sheets I buy are the nicest I can afford. I mix and match, as I don’t like the bed-in-the-bag. Or I use all white. I change them when the dog hair gets on my last nerves LOL. Great post and great comments…

  61. Anonymous July 30, 2008 | 10:08 pm

    Since this is anonymous, i’ll tell the truth. I change my sheets twice a week and I like my sheets ironed within an inch of there life. But I don’t iron them myself, my housekeeper does. Once you go ironed, it’s hard to go back. A trick for keeping that ironed look longer is to use a spritz bottle full of water and SLIGHTLY dampen the sheet(i mostly do the foldover) and pull it taught. It’s not perfect but some wrinkles will relax. I’m in design and I’m happiest when my bed looks crisp and beautiful.

  62. Suzy July 31, 2008 | 5:34 am

    We change our sheets and protectors once a week, I used to iron the lot, but haven’t had time to lately – and even though we have a maid who comes weekly, I don’t really trust her to do it for me. I think if I had the money Oprah does (or Valentino) I’d have mine changed and iron freshly on a daily basis.

  63. Fabulously Lizy July 31, 2008 | 6:42 am

    I’ve never ironed my sheets! Seems like I’m going to have to try it.

  64. Anonymous July 31, 2008 | 12:16 pm

    Am I gross? I only change them every other week!!! But we always go to bed after a good shower. And I always, which gives the sheet more body than mecanic drying. I have Habitat Egyptian cotton which are sateen and very soft. They will have a fantastic line coming out this autumn, silky soft with high thread-count and deep colours;)

  65. Sydney July 31, 2008 | 3:19 pm

    I just found and bought 2 sets of Italian Percale sheets that are No Iron. Amazon sells them and various other types from a company called Pinzon. I do not like sateen sheets they feel slimy. My grandmother had 100% linen percale sheets that were always dried on a clothes line and ironed, crisp and heavenly smelling. Hence my preference for percale. I never thought I would find percale no iron sheets, but I have. I hope they do as well as my Brooks Brothers no iron shirts, the greatest invention since sliced bread. My mother is in assisted living so I got her the 400 ct. no iron sateen sheets with her monogram from Landsend (they don’t have no iron percale). They come out of the dryer perfectly wrinkle free.

  66. Easy and Elegant Life July 31, 2008 | 5:19 pm

    My friend the architect taught me a great secret, “line dry” the sheets over the balustrade and let them drip onto a towel on the ground floor. Sheets are crisp and require not real ironing, although I will do the top bit and the pillow cases anyway.

  67. PrincessSteph July 31, 2008 | 8:38 pm

    my mother irons all of the sheets, fitted, flat, pillow cases and shams on all beds in all of her 4 houses in all bedrooms and changes all sheets religiously. She is obsessed with clean sheets. I think that on her and my father’s own bed she changes them once every 3 days. She does have a cleaning lady at each house but feels that they are not good enough at ironing the sheets!!! I change mine every 5 days (I never sleep in them on the weekends, so weekly) and only iron the pillow cases and the flat sheet if necessary. I make sure that I remove them immediately from the dryer so they are still warm and not wrinkled. Interesting to read others habits. Thanks, Steph

  68. Anonymous August 1, 2008 | 2:35 pm

    In addition to changing the sheets/cases and mattress pad every week (no ironing), I also hand vac the mattress. I have a Select Comfort – so so comfy.

  69. Fifi Flowers August 2, 2008 | 6:48 am

    Iron sheets… are you kidding me… first I hate to iron… so that would be a NO… wash, pull out of the dryer and dress the bed! Actually I don’t make the bed either… I’m spoiled… hubby does it… he does my ironing too… very spoiled!
    I do love nice clean, crisp and soft sheets!

  70. Sharnel @ The Cupcake Company August 2, 2008 | 1:52 pm

    Yes, I have my sheets ironed. They are changed once a week, on a Thursday. Everything is ironed, sheets, pillowcases etc etc.
    They look so much neater in the linen closet too!
    I have to admit i don’t do the hard yards, our housekeeper does, but it certainly makes the bed a nicer place to lay in when the sheets are ironed.

  71. Anonymous August 2, 2008 | 11:49 pm

    What a fun discussion! To digress just a bit, I’ve been looking for a (washable) charcoal gray pinstripe duvet cover. I had one that I loved but I haven’t found a suitable replacement. I was thinking of having one made, but I think it would be challenging to find a machine washable fabric. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

  72. Norma August 3, 2008 | 6:49 pm

    I iron everything whilst watching tv or listening to my ipod. I find it quite theraputic (sad I know). Ironing bed linen isn’t difficult and the bed ends up looking and feeling amazing. I must admit though I’ll be trying out some tips and spritzing the pillowcases with lavender water.

  73. Norma August 3, 2008 | 6:53 pm

    I iron everything whilst watching tv or listening to my ipod. I find ironing quite theraputic (sad I know). Ironing bed linen isn’t difficult and the the bed ends up looking and feeling amazing. I’ll be using that top top of spritzing the pillowcases with lavender water, sounds just what I need for a good night’s sleep.

  74. Anonymous August 6, 2008 | 10:28 am

    I iron them, and I chage them once a week. Although I understand is difficult to find the time to do it, well it worths it!

    Here in Spain we say about bed linens you need -until you get rich ;)-: “Quita y pon y descansón” = the one you have used and it has to be clean, the one you put (ironed of course), and the one is in the drawer (ironed too) waiting for the next week to dress the bed. Better if you have “quita y pon y descansón” for winter, and three bed linens more for summer time, made with different kind of fabrics of course.

    Quita = take off, get off
    Pon = Put
    Descansón = Fun way to say rest, break

    The idea is to turn the bed linens so they are used the same number of times.

    Sorry for my English :b

  75. Anonymous January 3, 2009 | 5:26 am

    I always iron my King size sheets for my husband and I. It is time-consuming, but I usually do it while watching TV. Ever since our trip to Italy, I got rid of our average quality sheets and bought 4 sets of Italian sheets. Because we always sleep in the nude, nothing feels better against the skin than clean, freshly ironed sheets (to be fair, I have no kids and just retired at 48 so I have the time).

  76. grizzlygirl January 31, 2009 | 12:44 am

    I am a single mother who works full-time. I don’t always iron my sheets, but I often do because I love the way they feel. It has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with how much I love crisp sheets. I do not iron my son’s, only mine! I wash my linens once a week. I also spring for expensive sheets and I was wondering if anyone could tell me the best fabric for that crisp feel of freshly ironed sheets WITHOUT ironing…Is there such a beast?

  77. Easy and Elegant Life January 31, 2009 | 1:49 pm

    grizzleygirl, I like cotton percale sheets. I hang dry mine and they feel almost as crisp as they do when starched and ironed. You may need to touch up the borders, though.

  78. The Sandtray Coach October 19, 2009 | 6:46 pm

    Tip for ironing sheets and pillow cases. Fold in quarters–leave cases flat-and use as “ironing board cover” while you iron other things. Flip the sheet each time you start a new garment and by the time you reach the bottom of the ironing basket–or whatever–the sheets are ironed–enough anyway so they won’t bruise a princess’s delicate skin.