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Since I’m currently traveling, I thought it would be appropriate to post the holiday travel gift guide.  When I was thinking of who I could ask to contribute their travel gift suggestions, Julia Leach, the founder of Chance was the first person who came to mind.  She always seems to be off somewhere and they only […]

Traveling Chic

08 . 11 . 12

My flight on Friday was cancelled “due to weather” by the fine folks at USAirways so I’m flying home on Saturday now.  On the bright side, the extra day gave me time to get some work off my plate and take a photo of my travel ensemble.  It was inspired by Charlize Theron’s outfit in […]

Traveling in Style

08 . 10 . 12

I’m off to visit my family in Pennsylvania for a little R&R.  Of course, that got me thinking about the state of fashion, or lack there of, at the airport.  It’s rare to see someone who looks nice which is sad. People traveled for hundreds if not thousands of years without wearing sweatpants and I […]