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The winner of the Lookmatic glasses giveaway is fourteen year old Emma who has had the same glasses since second grade.  She also writes a sweet blog that only has three posts but will make you glad you are not still in school.  Congratulations Emma!  Please email me with your prescription for your new Apprentice […]

After years of squinting, I finally gave in and got glasses.  Once you start wearing them, you realize that one pair just isn’t enough.  You need multiple pairs so you can coordinate with all your outfits.  That’s why I love Lookmatic.  You can buy beautiful glasses and sunglasses online without breaking the bank.  They even […]

Chic Shades

03 . 05 . 12

I’ve been loyal to Tom Ford sunglasses for years but I’m thinking it might be time for a switch. Or at least some new additions so I can mix things up. I ran across the German brand Mykita today on Style.com and might have to check them out.  Their sunglasses are not only favored by […]

Geek Chic

06 . 17 . 11

There really isn’t anything geeky about these bespeckled beauties including Carrie Donovan above but there is definitely something about a pair of glasses that makes the wearer appear smarter.  I had a cab driver ask me today if I worked at Citibank. A random question to say the least but I chalk it up to […]

Chic Shades

05 . 19 . 10

I love finding cool shops in New York and recently my friend Jessica introduced me to Silver Lining Opticians (100 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012, 212-274-9191) which is beyond cool. They have outfitted some of the hottest musicians including Rihanna, Jay Z, Kayne West, and Katy Perry in chic shades but they also have […]