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Hotel Jerome

01 . 04 . 15

My Instagram feed during the holidays was a mash up of snow photos and palm trees.  I haven’t been skiing in years but the Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado makes me want to hit the bunny slope.  It looks a bit like something Ralph Lauren would have designed with a mix of Western accents and modern […]

Chic in Gstaad

12 . 30 . 13

If you’ve been checking out Instagram this week, you’ll notice that everyone is either relaxing on the beach or skiing on the slopes.  Talk about “fear of missing out.” And because everyone is off enjoying themselves somewhere, it’s clear that many less of you are reading blogs.  Due to this fact, I’ve decided to save […]

Chic, Le Sport

12 . 24 . 13

Christmas came early to Habitually Chic. Yesterday, I received a copy of the book Jacques Henri Lartigue: A Sporting Life.  In French, the title is Chic, le sport ! which obviously, I find amusing. I was first introduced to the book at a press preview at Hermès whose 2013 theme for the year was “a sporting life” which […]

Chic Ski House

11 . 28 . 11

It’s been 60+ degrees in New York for what seems like a week.  I’m not complaining but that means some of you might have to travel farther afield for some snow and skiing.  I’ve never been to Aspen and I haven’t been on skis in years but after seeing Aerin Lauder’s home in the snowy […]