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Revisiting Peter Som

08 . 31 . 15

When I was cleaning out stacks of old magazines recently, I tore out a feature on fashion designer Peter Som‘s apartment from years ago.  It got me wondering when we might see it profiled again and funny enough, it was featured on Lonny.com last week.  Turns out that Peter expanded the apartment in the last […]

Fashion Week Flash

09 . 05 . 14

It’s only Day 2 of New York Fashion Week but we’ve already seen a lot of great looks.  It’s so hot and steamy in the city right now that I wish I could wear most of them right now.  A white dress should be at the top of your shopping list for Spring 2015 but […]

A Chat with Peter Som

09 . 22 . 09

A few weeks ago, I saw fashion designer Peter Som entering the D&D Building as I was leaving. Of course my curiosity was piqued. What was he doing there? Was he looking for inspiration for his upcoming fashion show? Was he redecorating his apartment? Luckily, my upholsterer, Matthew Haly, also happens to be Peter’s upholsterer […]