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My book publication is definitely feeling bittersweet.  I’m grateful for all the lovely emails and comments this week and for my electricity.  I’m very excited that everyone is loving Creativity at Work.  If haven’t received your copy yet, you can get a first look at The Cut at New York magazine here.   I also […]

Wendy Goodman is a very busy author.  She writes for the Home Design section of New York magazine and also found time to write the new book The World of Gloria Vanderbilt.  It seems like a perfect pairing since design plays a big part in Gloria’s life.  As she says in the magazine, “decorating is autobiography” and […]

Ace of Spades

02 . 25 . 10

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been going through my old tear sheets and one of the folders contained numerous magazine articles that featured Kate and Andy Spade’s apartment. In my opinion, it’s one of those timeless homes that will probably look as good in 30 years as it does after three which is a testament […]