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If you are a long time reader, then you will know my love of the book Write It Down, Make It Happen.  Instead of making New Year’s resolutions that just get broken a few weeks later, why not outline your goals for the year. I just went back and reread my New Year, New Goals post […]

10 Secrets to Success

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My friend Martha posted this list of 10 Secrets to Success on her tumblr last week.  Her father left it on her dresser for her when she came home for the holidays. As we prepare for the New Year, I think it’s an excellent list to get us off on the right foot and turns […]

New Year, New Goals!

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I usually write up my goals for the new year on New Year’s Day but this year I decided to take some time to myself yesterday.  If you’re a long time reader, then you know that I don’t make resolutions.  Instead, I take my cue from Write It Down, Make It Happen, and write down what I want to happen […]