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Chintz Bedroom

02 . 04 . 09

I just wanted to clarify that the Chinese wallpaper from Harewood House being sold at Mallett was from the Chintz Dressing Room. The other wallpaper that was found was from the Chintz Bedroom and was restored and installed at Harewood House and can be seen in these photos. “Thomas Chippendale’s commission of 1767 to 1778 […]

One of the most amazing sights at the Winter Antiques Show was the Chinese wallpaper in the Mallett Antiques booth that dated from 1765! The paper depicting rural scenes of Chinese life was possibly commissioned by Edwin Lascelles as part of the decoration of the newly built Harewood House in Yorkshire. According to the Harewood […]

I’ve been asked before how I come up with some of my post topics. I usually just write about what piques my interest. Sometimes, it’s a magazine article or sometimes, this being New York, a special event or exhibition. Such was the case when I received an invitation to attend the Willy Rizzo exhibition of […]