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The Next Chapter

05 . 09 . 14

I can always tell who actually reads the blog and those who just look at the photos based on those who know about my upcoming summer in Paris.  I also know that I’ve been a little vague about why I’m going and what I’ll be doing. Spending more time in Europe is something that I’ve […]

California Casual Chic

03 . 03 . 10

I’ve already been warned by numerous friends that I’m going to have to tone it down a notch or two (or maybe 10!) when it comes to my outfits for LA. It’s a much more casual city than New York so jeans are appropriate everywhere and heels are almost never worn during the day. I […]

Summer Reading List

07 . 08 . 09

I’m more than halfway through My Life in France and I am already starting to think about what I’m going to read after I’m finished. Vogue.com has a list of their Top 10 Summer Books that I am going to check out but I’d like to know what you’re reading. You all had some great […]