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I started a new kitchen folder recently which then expanded to include butler’s pantries and open shelved storage.  Which then expanded to include a few shots of food and greenery and flowers.  It’s an everything and the kitchen sink post literally and figuratively.  It also seemed fitting to post it now as many will be […]

Happy Spring!

03 . 20 . 13

Even though it’s still freezing in New York, the calendar says it’s spring.  I hope it warms up soon so I can enjoy the park and most importantly, wear all my cute new shoes. Happy Spring!  via Greige Bunny Mellon via Veranda Landscape Design by Miranda Brooks Landscape Design by Miranda Brooks Veere Greeney Residence […]


03 . 17 . 13

It was one of those March days  when the sun shines hot  and the wind blows cold:  when it is summer in the light,  and winter in the shade.   – Charles Dickens, Great Expectations Photo by me via Instagram

Flower Power

01 . 15 . 13

The only thing that gets me through winter in New York are warm weather trips and fresh flowers. You can buy blooms at almost every corner bodega so it’s cheap and easy to arrange them in every room.  They’re the best pick me on a grey day like today.  Photo by me from instagram. 

Flower Power

05 . 07 . 12

If April showers bring May flowers, I wonder what May showers bring. Maybe it’s flowered pants or skirts, or was that fashion week.  Regardless, hope these florals make you forget about the rain that is expected again this week.  Greenbrier Eleanora Carisi John Loecke in Lonny Olivia Palermo by Mr. Newton for Harper’s Bazaar Josef […]

Spring in New York

03 . 25 . 12

I went out for a walk last week when it was 75 degrees so I could photograph spring in New York.  The trees on every street are in bloom and Central Park was bursting with color.  I thought these would make a perfect post to cheer everyone up on this grey and much chillier morning. […]

Happy Hydrangea

06 . 10 . 11

Part of my job for the Microsoft Preview event includes picking out and styling the flowers.  Hydrangea will definitely be on my shopping list. If you are lucky enough to live in an area with abundant bushes, you can just go right outside and cut them.  I will be picking mine up from the Flower District […]

April Flowers

04 . 25 . 11

April showers are bringing early flowers in New York.  April is also bring crazy temperatures that had me wearing a winter coat on Friday and sandals on Sunday.  On the non-deluge days, I like to take a walk in Central Park to enjoy the fleeting flowers.  Here’s a little look at springtime in the city and a few cute […]

Happy Easter!

04 . 23 . 11

Beside peeps and bunny rabbits, I always associate Easter with flowers, pastel colors, and family gatherings.  Hope you enjoy this photographic ode to the holiday and spring! Happy Easter and belated Passover! House Beautiful Unknown Carlos Mota House Beautiful Unknown Martha Stewart Dolce & Gabanna Residence Raymond Meier for Vogue House Beautiful Tory Burch for […]

Follow Your Star

08 . 03 . 10

One of my readers asked if Bunny Mellon ever wrote a gardening book.  While she hasn’t, I can recommend the book The Surprising Life of Constance Spry.  Ms. Spry (1886-1960) was a floral designer and business woman at a time when most women weren’t working outside the home.  She also wrote books not just on […]

Takashimaya was never the same after they moved the floral boutique upstairs. After the store closes this weekend, I’m happy to announce that the floral creative team will be moving downtown to Florisity. Definitely check them out! Florisity 1 West 19th Street New York, NY 10011 www.florisity.com

Prada Print Collection

05 . 17 . 10

My flower obsession continues with the new Prada Prints Collection! Remember when Carrie exclaimed “Hello Lover” in reference to some shows in a store window on Sex and the City? Well, that’s what I thought when I saw this fabulous collection! The floral and print fabrics are from the Prada archives and the silhouettes were […]

Flower Power

05 . 16 . 10

This spring, I am loving anything flowery, especially glazed chintz floral fabrics. I am also desperately missing American Vogue Living and even more so after flipping through the Spring/Summer 2008 issue and seeing this fabulous floral feature. Has it really been that long since it was last published?! So depressing. So glad that I have […]

Flower Girls

04 . 23 . 10

After you have Queen Quills Calligraphy address your wedding envelopes, you can hire the lovely ladies of Saipua to create all your flower arrangements. I found these photos of a wedding they designed this past weekend at The Bowery Hotel on Milk and Mode and couldn’t help but want to also post them. They are […]

Happy Spring!

03 . 20 . 09

Even though it’s the first day of spring, winter had other ideas as we awoke to find snow in New York. Hopefully, it’s the last snow of the season! I think I’ve mentioned before that I’ve always loved spring since my birthday is in April. It’s such a happy and optimistic time of the year […]