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Aerin Lauder in Paris

08 . 07 . 19

This week has been a little crazy. As soon as I returned from Nantucket, I jumped into styling my friend’s apartment for a photoshoot today. In the midst of all my running around, I did manage to pick up a few of the September magazines including the new Elle Decor with Aerin Lauder in Paris […]

Printemps in Paris

03 . 11 . 14

When spring comes to Paris,  the humblest mortal alive  must feel that he dwells in paradise.  – Henry Miller Spring might not have sprung in most of the U.S. but Paris is already blooming. I’m tres jealous but thankful that we can live vicariously through the French via Instagram. Le sigh. via @inesdelafessangeparis via @privategg Top […]