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I had a busy summer of travel and I’m finally sitting down to work on my travel guides. Many of the places can be visited year round so don’t worry about feeling like you missed out. First up is Newport, Rhode Island. I haven’t visited the “City by the Sea” since college so it was […]

I had such a busy and enjoyable week and now that the sun is finally out, it feels like all is right with the world again. There were lots of events and openings as everyone tries to get things on the calendar before people start leaving for the Hamptons and summer vacations. But if you […]

I love photographing classic cars for Instagram but I haven’t seen very many lately. Instead, I’ve been living vicariously through all the car Instagram accounts I follow. In honor of Father’s Day, I’ve put together some of my favorites. Although, I do know that a lot of women also love hot wheels. Bon weekend! Image […]

Hot Wheels

06 . 20 . 15

One of my favorite pastimes is posting photos to Instagram of all the cool classic cars I see along my travels.  You are guaranteed to spot a lot in Sag Harbor and also Paris. In honor of Father’s Day, I’ve compiled some of my favorites. And if you’re looking last minute gift for your dad or a treat for yourself, […]

There is a french word flâneur which refers to someone who strolls or saunters around with no real purpose.  This is the perfect word to describe my first two weeks in Paris just walking around taking photos and exploring the city. Another definition is an idle man about town. I like to think that the gentleman in […]

Cooper Classic Cars

06 . 17 . 12

In honor of Father’s Day, I thought I’d post something my male readers would enjoy.  I recently paid a visit to Cooper Classic Cars on Perry Street and was allowed to photograph their amazing car collection.  The best part is that they are all for sale so maybe you can pick one as a last […]

Porsche Passing

04 . 06 . 12

Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the man credited with designing the Porsche 911 died yesterday in Salzburg, Austria. What better way to honor him than a post of Porsches. They are all so pretty that I couldn’t just limit myself to just the 911.  I think the Porsche 356 Speedster that was designed by Ferry Porsche is […]

Be Cool Man

03 . 05 . 12

I had a lovely brunch date today with everyone’s favorite comedic Canadian interior designer, Tommy Smythe.  Afterward, we perused the vintage offerings at the Garage Flea Market where we found a lot of amazing items that would have perfect for a bachelor pad project.  Maybe that’s the reason I felt like posting a little more […]

Start Your Engines

02 . 04 . 12

Leave it to an Italian to create a collection inspired by hot rods and American in the 1950’s. Spring 2012 at Prada would make a Pink Lady proud. Not sure if  I will be wearing those sandals with flames on them but I might have to have one of those new handbags. Bon Weekend!

Hot Wheels

06 . 19 . 11

In honor of Father’s Day, I’m posting something that I know all men and actually a lot of women would love to receive.  Enjoy! Slim Aarons Aerin Lauder via Vogue Living Hamptons Cottages & Gardens Photo by Douglas Friedman Elle Decor Photo by Douglas Friedman Absolutely Beautiful Things

Actually, you can’t drive my car because I don’t own one.  I also don’t think Ralph Lauren will let you drive any of his cars because they are priceless treasures.  But you can read all about them and their special garage in the January 2011 issue of Vanity Fair.  Ralph Lauren doesn’t collect art because […]

Every time I leave The Other Room, a cute little bar on Perry Street, I pass by Cooper Classics Collection and drool at the classic cars inside. I finally remembered to Google them this weekend and found out that they have a lot of great classic cars for sale. I dream of driving out to […]