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Old Westbury Gardens has been on my must visit list for a while and thanks to Preston Davis of Keep it Chic, we had a private tour last Friday. While I was most familiar with the gardens, I had not seen any photos of the interiors filled with antiques, chintz, chinoiserie, jib doors, and elegant […]

I think my fascination with European chateaux and castles is due to the fact that we just don’t have that type of history here in the United States. If you share my obsession, you should definitely pick up T Magazine 2018 Design Issue in The New York Times on Sunday, March 25th to ogle Schloss Hollenegg […]

Beautiful Blue & White

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I’ll never forget the story that antiques dealer John Rosselli told me about how Babe Paley once said to him, “you know John, you can never be too rich or too think or own too much blue and white porcelain.” While blue and white Chinese porcelain looks great year round, it has always been associated […]

Chinoiserie Chic

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As a follow up to my Griffin and Wong post, I thought I would post a little chinoiserie wallpaper inspiration.  I also learned more about the history of the wallpaper from their site and thought you might like to read it as well.  Chinese silk wallcoverings are one of the earliest global luxury products. Originally, […]

I have first hand experience with many of my blog sponsors which makes it easier for me to recommend them to you.  I dealt with Griffin and Wong when one of my design clients wanted chinoiserie wallpaper in her bedroom.  The project ended up going in a completely different direction but I loved working with […]

I was going through more old magazines recently and came across another classic.  Around 1936, interior designer Elsie de Wolfe designed a beautiful home in Beverly Hills for Countess Dorothy di Frasso.  Jose Iturbi bought the house furnished from di Frasso around 1947.  It remained intact until just a few years ago when pieces were […]

Chintz Bedroom

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I just wanted to clarify that the Chinese wallpaper from Harewood House being sold at Mallett was from the Chintz Dressing Room. The other wallpaper that was found was from the Chintz Bedroom and was restored and installed at Harewood House and can be seen in these photos. “Thomas Chippendale’s commission of 1767 to 1778 […]

One of the most amazing sights at the Winter Antiques Show was the Chinese wallpaper in the Mallett Antiques booth that dated from 1765! The paper depicting rural scenes of Chinese life was possibly commissioned by Edwin Lascelles as part of the decoration of the newly built Harewood House in Yorkshire. According to the Harewood […]

As worried as I am about the future of art, I’m even more nervous about the future of books. I’ve been hearing rumblings that the publishing houses aren’t doing so well which scares me. I love my reading and can’t imagine pulling out a Kindle instead of a real book. And what will happen to […]