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Resort Ready 2018

01 . 17 . 18

If the recent arctic temperatures didn’t compel you to book a resort vacation perhaps today’s latest snowstorm will do the trick. I have definitely been debating trip destinations. If you do have a trip coming up or need more inspiration to travel to a warm climate, I’ve put together some outfits for you. Bon voyage! […]

Paris Purchases

04 . 07 . 15

  While we’re on the subject of France, I thought it would be fun to look at a some of the purchases I made in Paris. I know a lot of you are planning trips to the City of Light this year so maybe this will help you add a few new places to your […]

Au Revoir Paris

08 . 19 . 14

Today is the day I say au revoir to Paris.  Or maybe I should say à bientôt since I will definitely be back again soon. Time really does fly when you’re having fun.  I am sad to be living the City of Light but I am also excited to get back to New York.  I can’t […]

Off to Anguilla

01 . 26 . 12

You’re probably saying to yourself, “didn’t she just get back from LA?”  The answer is yes.  But when someone asks you if you want to attend a press trip to Viceroy Anguilla when it’s January in New York, the answer should always be, “abso-freaking-lutely!”  So with just three days downtime, I’m headed off for a […]

Bon Voyage

02 . 05 . 11

By the time you read this, my friend Stefan and I will be hitting the high seas.  After this awful winter, I don’t have to tell you how excited I am to get away to warmer weather.  Thank you to everyone who sent me recommendations for Miami and Nassau.  If you want to follow our […]


03 . 02 . 10

I am in need of some sunshine and warm weather so I’ve booked a trip to Los Angeles. I can’t wait to luxuriate by the pool, shop and hang out with my West Coast friend Maison21. (Just wish I was going to look as good as this girl but oh well.) I will be in […]

Ready for Take Off

09 . 02 . 09

I’m almost ready to leave for the airport and I wanted to thank everyone who sent all their great recommendations for Paris! I have no idea how many of them we will actually be able to see or do but I appreciate you all sending them to us! Christian May of Maison21 has been gracious […]

Planning for Paris

08 . 22 . 09

I’m a notorious overpacker but that’s mostly because I always like extra options. One of the best ways to avoid overpacking is to plan out all your outfits in advance. This is especially helpful if you are attending an event like a wedding where don’t want to forget your special shoes and accessories. In an […]

I skipped my winter Favorite Things post because it was all just too depressing to think about and by this point, I am ready to burn all my winter clothes so why not focus on resort. Besides, I’ll need something to wear in St. Barths and I like to plan my outfits in advance, even […]

Bon Voyage!

12 . 21 . 08

Patrick Dennis: Is the English lady sick, Auntie Mame?Auntie Mame: She’s not English, darling… she’s from Pittsburgh.Patrick Dennis: She sounded English.Auntie Mame: Well, when you’re from Pittsburgh, you have to do something. That’s one of my favorite quotes from Auntie Mame! It seemed appropriate since I’m flying into Pittsburgh Sunday to spend Christmas with my […]