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Baby Love

06 . 06 . 15

Kensington Palace released four adorable photos of Prince George and his new baby sister Princess Charlotte that were taken by their mother, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge. Looks like everyone is smitten with the new princess. “I love my new baby sister.” “How is my smile?” “Are we done yet?”

Oh Baby Update

06 . 08 . 09

The best part of any project is when it all finally comes together and we’re almost finished with the baby’s room that I decorated! I won’t be able to show you the completely installed room until after the baby nurse leaves but you can get an idea of what it will look like from the […]

Oh Baby!

03 . 06 . 09

The fact that I, single girl in the city, am designing a baby’s room right now makes everyone laugh. Considering that this is really not my department, I’ve had to do a lot of research online and in stores. I had no idea that a crib needed so many accessories and linens and after seeing […]