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Get a Head Start on Fall Color Trends

by habituallychic

02 . 28 . 24

I’ve really been enjoying the fall fashion shows the last few weeks. I especially loved all the inspiring color combinations coming out of Milan and Paris. The best were at Ferragamo, Bally, Gucci, Bottega Veneta, and Dries Van Noten. The strongest colors weaving their way though many collections are green, from avocado to olive, and burgundy. While they seem very dark for fall, they can also easily be added to your spring wardrobe. If you don’t look good in green, you can carry a bag or relegate it to the bottom half of your outfit with a skirt or trousers. I posted some of these pieces on Sunday but I thought I would flesh them out into full outfits. All of the pieces below could be mixed and matched depending on your preference.

I just ordered this Tailored Linen-Blend Midi Skirt and after seeing a few videos of The Row fall 2024 fashion show today, I’m wondering if I should also order the Convertible Nylon Trench Coat in the same color. They showed a few outfits with matching coats and skirts or dresses.

If you are feeling bold, you could pair it with the green Cable-knit Cropped Crewneck Sweater.

Bottega Veneta is releasing a new Lauren 1980 Teen Clutch Bag with Chain this spring which is larger and has a chain handle. It’s the perfect shade of burgundy to complement any shade of green.

If you just want to add a bit of green to your outfit, I love the dark green Embellished Leather Slingback Pumps. They are the perfect heel height for walking and standing comfortably.

A few of the designers showed pale blue dresses or coats as a foil for the other colors. I loved it with a green or burgundy handbag.

This blue Wool Coat is currently on sale but if you need less expensive options, I like this seaglass Double Faced Wool Coat and Vintage Blue Coat.

I love the idea of pairing this utility green Relaxed Pullover Sweater with the White Jeans. It looks very crisp.

I think a burgundy bag would look better with this outfit but I love this green Crossbody Bag so I wanted to include it too.

If you want a different take on Adidas sneakers, these Country OG Leather Sneakers look fresh for spring.

You could wear a tan trench coat but this pale green Trench Coat is another way to add some green to your spring wardrobe.

I love a pale grey Cashmere Sweater with Jeans when it’s still cold in the spring.

This burgundy Gucci Jacki Bag, named after Jackie Kennedy, is one of the hottest styles for spring and fall.

You can always add some green with these pale green Adidas Sambas. Just make sure you check the sizing chart and double check it because their sizing is in UK sizes. Or you could pair this outfit with a plain white Sneaker.

One of the shows had a trench with a self scarf. I can’t even remember which one because I’ve watched so many. If you want a similar look, this Hooded Trench Coat has a removable hood so you can wear it multiple ways.

The pale green Stretch Linen Pants are another great way to add a little green to your spring looks.

The white Chunky Cotton Curved Hem Sweater would add a great grounding touch to the more colorful outfits.

I love the dark green of this Woven Shoulder Bag. It’s beyond chic and you could wear it all year round.

The Burgundy Loafers are chic and reasonably priced if you still haven’t added a pair to your wardrobe yet.

Hope this inspires you to add some different accent colors to your life this spring.