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Answering 60 of Life’s Most Pressing Questions

by habituallychic

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Since the Interviewing Myself post from June 2023 was so well received, I thought I would follow it up with answering 60 of life’s most pressing questions borrowed from Airmail.

AIRLINE: Air France (Delta is on my sh*t list.)
ALIBI: “I was at home working.” I probably accepted an invitation and didn’t go out.
APP: After Instagram, Route to keep track everything I order online.
BAG: Black Hermès Box Kelly 32
BEDTIME: 11:00pm
BIKE: Never
BIRTHDAY: April 18, the same as Zoë de Givenchy, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Vanessa Kirby, David Tennant, Conan O’Brien, Eric McCormack, America Ferrera, James Woods, and Kourtney Kardashian. we’re a funny/sexy bunch.
BREAKFAST, WEEKDAY: I don’t eat breakfast.
BREAKFAST, WEEKEND: Bagel and cream cheese with a side of HTSI.
CAR: Uber or Taxi
COCKTAIL: Champagne or Prosecco
COCKTAIL APPETIZER: Pigs in a blanket
COUPLE: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
DATE: A French movie at Film at Lincoln Center.
DIET: Trying to be gluten, dairy, and sugar free but usually failing miserably.
DISGUISE: Bourgeois Parisian woman who lives in the 7th arrondissement.
DRESS: Midi length dress and sandals in summer and grey cashmere sweater and grey flannel trousers in winter.
ENEMY: She knows who she is. One should always have a nemesis to make you work harder.
ESCAPE: Sag Harbor or The Metropolitan Museum of Art
EXCUSE: “There is so much traffic today.”
FIT: Tailored to perfection.
FLAW: Fiery Aries temper that’s over in a flash.
FRIEND: Someone who finds the same people annoying.
GOODBYE: Double cheek kiss or French exit.
HIDEAWAY: I’ll never tell.
HOTEL: The Carlyle, The Lowell, and The Marlton in NYC.
INDULGENCE: Tart tatin and business class.
INSULT: Connard
JACKET: Max Mara, ‘S Max Mara, or Weekend Max Mara.
LAST MEAL: Cajun Chicken at Le Charlot.
LUNCH, WEEKDAY: Salmon over salad.
MATCH: Roland Garros or Wimbledon.
MOVIES: A Perfect Murder, The Thomas Crown Affair, and Working Girl.
MUSICIAN: Sufjan Stevens
NEIGHBOR: Hope I don’t run into them while waiting for the elevator.
NONFICTION BOOK: The Givenchy Style
NOVEL: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
PANTS: I prefer to call them trousers.
PIECE OF ADVICE: “Perfect is the enemy of good.”
PODCAST: How Long Gone keeps me up on what the cool kids are into.
RESTAURANT: Fleming in NYC and Le Voltaire in Paris.
SAYING: Make it Happen or FFS.
SHOES: Too many to count. Chanel slingbacks. Sneakers from The Row. Sandals from Gabriela Hearst and Celine.
SINGER: Bryan Ferry
STORM: Nor’easter
STREET: Rue de Grenelle
TELEVISION SERIES: Lupin et Le Bureau.
THEME SONG TO YOUR LIFE: Work Bitch by Britney Spears.
TIME OF DAY: Mid-afternoon when the light is low and warm.
VACATION: Desperately need one on a beach for a week.
VIEW: Manhattan when you fly up from the south. Hot tip: Always sit on the left side of the plane.
WAKE-UP TIME: I strive for 7:00am.
WEEKEND BAG: Tan Celine Crossbody or burgundy Khaite Osa Tote.
WORK OF ART: Wheat Field with Cypresses by Vincent van Gogh from 1889.
WRITING IMPLEMENT: Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Medium Blue Pens to write my to do lists.