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Write it Down, Make it Happen: 2023 Edition

by habituallychic

01 . 01 . 23

Write it Down, Make it Happen used to be an annual New Year’s post based on the book by the same name. I hate looking back and always want to keep moving forward but I read the 2015 blog post and I’m embarrassed to say that a lot of those things did not get accomplished. The last one was in 2018 and didn’t even include a list. Then there were the years of 2020 and 2021 when we were just lucky to get through the day. Needless to say, there were no posts those years. So it’s time to get back on track.

I have to say that 2022 was a pretty good year but also not great. It was a strange one.  I spent a month in Paris in the spring, created a new lucrative side business with my Paris Guide, went to Sag Harbor and London, after which I buckled down to work so I could enjoy autumn in New York. Then I came home from a lovely walk in Central Park in early September to find an IRS audit notice for 2019 in my mail box, the stress of which ruined my fall. What’s that line about the best laid plans of mice and men? I sent my receipts off to my accountant before heading to Paris for two weeks over Thanksgiving where I came down with the flu at the start of the second week and remained sick for three weeks. I have to say that put a damper on enjoying the Christmas season in the city. This has me feeling that I should try to be more on top of things in the New Year in case of unforeseen circumstances.

I don’t usually like to talk about some plans because there is always someone who will either steal your idea or try to beat you to the punch. But I do think I need to write out some goals and intentions so I am more prepared for anything that might arise in 2023 and to take advantage of the amazing work momentum from 2022.

  1. I will create a better work life balance. I doubled my income from 2022 thanks to some wonderful partnerships and selling my Paris Guide. That came at the expense of my personal life. I found myself working at home alone more often than enjoying myself so I plan to figure out a better schedule for myself which should entail logging off earlier each day. I need to carve out more time for workouts and walks too. I’d like to go to a museum or other cultural event once a week too.
  2. I will be social in 2023. I already told many of my friends that I’d like us to get together at least once a month this year. I know that probably sounds crazy to some people but New Yorkers lead busy lives and travel a lot so trying to schedule time on the calendar can be complicated. I’m happy to report that they have all agreed and I hope to put my work aside and see my friends more this year. Although, I have to add that I had some wonderful quality time with four of them in Paris for my birthday and I will be forever grateful that they made the trip for me.
  3. I will take more frequent smaller trips in 2023. I was lucky to spend a month in Paris in the spring, my annual week in Sag Harbor, a trip to London, and another two weeks in Paris over Thanksgiving but I think I need to add some new places to the list. I’m dying to go to Copenhagen and Vienna and back to Charleston. My friends and I have been talking about going on another special trip for years. I am going to make them commit to a date this year if it kills me.
  4. I will release other travel guides this year. I am still in awe of how lucrative my Paris Guide was this year. I think it resonated because I wrote the guide I wish I could find for every city as an adult. I find so many guides geared toward younger people and I’m allergic to anything that even hints at hipster. I want to know the best historic houses and chicest stores and not the location of every single coffee shop. I started my NYC guide and hope to write guides for other smaller cities. Another reason to book trips to new places this year.
  5. I will fully declutter and clean out my apartment. I have outgrown my current apartment but to move would mean increasing my rent by double. All the talk of a possible recession has me thinking I should stay here one more and try to save as much as possible. That means I really need to be ruthless with all the stupid stuff I hoarded for the pandemic and edit out some of my books. Not to mention, cleaning out my closet. Less is more for me in 2023. The funny thing is that one of my Aries horoscopes for 2023 advised me to clean things out so I’m glad I’m already on track.
  6. I will buy better and less in the new year. As a follow up to decluttering, I would like to buy less in 2023. I used to buy a few expensive things that I wore until they died but our influencer culture even influences me. I bought so many pairs of trousers for my fall Paris trip that I didn’t wear or need. I feel like my wardrobe is in a very good place right now and I don’t need to keep buying things unless they are very special.
  7. I will read more in 2023. Like Cameron Diaz’s character in The Holiday, I buy the books but I never read them. The key to this means setting down my phone and logging of my computer earlier each day. Or perhaps taking a walk to the park in warmer weather and reading for an hour.
  8. I will finally pitch my second book idea. My first book, Habitually Chic: Creativity at Work, was published in October 2012. I’ve toyed with ideas for a second book was I was set on any of them until now. Time to put my sample chapter together and see if the literary agent I met with at Janklow & Nesbit remembers me.
  9. I will send more cards and thank you notes. I am great about texting people Happy Birthday in the morning but I’d like to get better about sending them cards too. I am great at writing thank notes when I travel but have been terrible about it in NYC lately. I have more stationery than one person should be allowed to own so I should definitely start sending some of it out.
  10. I will ask for more help in 2023. If this year taught me anything, it’s that going it alone is exhausting and I can’t do it all. I need to hire someone to help me with work stuff. I need to hire a personal trainer and a cleaning lady. I need more support this year.

The consensus among many people I know is that last year wasn’t terrible but it also wasn’t our favorite. I already have a good feeling about 2023 and I hope it’s a good one for all of us!

Life is short. The world is big. Get out there and enjoy it!