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Pied A Terre Paris Apartment Rentals

by habituallychic

04 . 04 . 22

I’ve written about many Paris pied-a-terre apartments so it will probably be a little confusing that I’m now writing about a company renting apartments in Paris under the moniker, Pied A Terre.

There was a hole in the Paris apartment rental market between traditional Haussmann style places and hot mess expresses on Airbnb that Pied A Terre seems to be filling with beautifully designed modern spaces. According to Vogue.com, “Pied A Terre launches this week with four properties at three locations in central Paris, and seven more slated to open later this year. Combining the concierge service and clean linens of a top hotel with the charming mix of flea-market finds, signature design pieces and good books that convey a stylish local’s taste, each space has been conceived to showcase the work of an up-and-coming architect.”

The architects vary depending on the project and Brussels-based Adrien Meira designed this Saint Honoré rental in soothing shades of green that has an actual functional kitchen. It includes a washer/dryer which is one of my main criteria for renting an apartment in Paris but the listing I saw didn’t mention air conditioning, a requirement for American tourists. That seems like an interesting oversight considering one of the co-founders, Andrea Bokobsa, obtained his Masters in Real Estate Finance at New York University and received his B.S. in Economics with a minor in Mathematics from Brandeis University. Bokobsa, who is 31 years old, was born in Paris and came up with the Pied A Terre plan as part of his thesis. He told Vogue, “We want to have places that feel like homes, but not so much that you feel like an intruder—more that you’ll have surprises with the art work. At the same time, we want to provide a top-quality hotel experience.”

“The downstairs bedroom was inspired by Giorgio Armani’s 1980s apartment, the bathroom is a little bit Serge Gainsbourg,” says Bokobsa, who sources the furniture and artwork for the apartments himself, in partnership with the lead architect, and informed by consultation with his mother, a former designer for Baby Dior and Bonpoint with superlative taste. Together with his co-founder Nathaniel Glas, he aims to give visitors to the City of Light an authentic Parisian experience—complete with trendy restaurant suggestions aid out in elegantly spare style in city guides designed by art director Pierre-Alexis Guinet.

If they get the air conditioning issue sorted out, I’ll definitely be booking a rental.