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Cour des Vosges

by habituallychic

02 . 13 . 22

While I was working on my posts about the film France and 24 Place des Vosges, I came across a very chic hotel. Cour des Vosges sits at 19 Place des Vosges and is the only hotel with views of the square from every room.

The 17th-century historic site is known as the Hôtel de Montbrun. (Hôtel in this case meaning hôtel particulier.) It was built from 1605 to 1612 for Captain Marchand (or Marchant). It is commonly called Maison du Grand Henry because of the bust of King Henri IV which adorns a niche in its side façade on rue des Francs-Bourgeois.

Acquired by the Marquis de Montbrun in 1654, it belonged to the Feydeau de Marville family in the first half of the 18th-century.

In 1852, the annuitant Étienne Louis Victor Bellanger, who was born there in 1806, bequeathed it to the town hall of the old 8th arrondissement. The latter donated it to the Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals and it was later used as school and textile warehouse.

In 2017, it was acquired by the Evok Collection who renovated the building with Lecoadic-Scotto and the Architecte des Bâtiments de France who oversaw the work since the building had been declared a historical monument in 1954.

Cour des Vosges opened in October 2019 and includes twelve rooms and suites, a tea salon, small basement pool, and in-room spa services. It does not include a lobby or check in desk, so guests are checked in at their rooms which can be accessed via the main staircase or elevator.  And who needs a lobby anyway when you have the entire Place des Vosges and Marais at your doorstep.

The elegant décor by Lecoadic-Scotto has a bit of a sexy 70s vibe. The aluminum fireplaces remind me of the stainless steel fireplace the interior designer François Catroux had in his own Paris apartment.

The discretion is perfect for celebrities and those who value their privacy as well as introverts who don’t like interacting with hotel staff every time they come and go. Although, the hotel staff is available for all your needs.

I can’t wait to sneak a peek the next time I’m in Paris.