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Lovely Lilacs at Home

by habituallychic

05 . 15 . 21

I haven’t bought lilacs yet this spring but after seeing so many beautiful bouquets on Instagram, I think it’s going to be the first thing I do tomorrow. I especially love the arrangement above that Kate Brodsky recently received for Mother’s Day.

These were the lilacs I bought and arranged last year. In order to make them last, you should remove some of the green leaves and really smash the ends of the stems.

One of my favorite paintings at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is Lilacs in a Window (Vase de Lilas a la Fenetre) by Mary Cassatt from circa 1880-83. The Met sells French Impressionist Gardens Notecards from one of my favorite exhibitions and it includes this painting. It’s my favorite card to use for thank you notes in the spring.

I love the lilacs against the pink walls in the apartment of @madelineomalley_.

Editor @amyastley received this Large Navona Wicker Vase from Aerin Lauder. I just ordered the large one but there is also a smaller size that would be perfect on a side table or down an outdoor dining table.

I love the multi-colored lilacs against the wallpaper in the home of @bruce.addison.

@aerin took this pic at the home of her mother.

Love this large arrangement from the Provincetown store of @johnderiancompany.

This is another vase of lilacs in my apartment from a few years ago.

@lechateaudelisle is my new favorite chateau account to follow on Instagram.

I knew @carolyneroehm would have amazing lilacs and she did not disappoint.

A view of the full room with lilacs from @carolyneroehm.

Lilacs and other flowers from the garden of @fabbb_s

Lilacs in a chic head vase at the home of @chloemalle.

A chic arrangement from Bridgehampton Florist in the Southampton home of @aerin in her Large Navona Wicker Vase.

More lilacs in my apartment in an old Aerin vase.

@atuilealoup always sets the chicest table in Paris.

Another vase of lilacs at @lechateaudelisle.

Arrangements in progress from @grayantiques.

A table set with lilacs by @aerin. You can wear the scent of lilacs in Lilac Path from Aerin too.

Lilacs arranged by @michaeldeperno.

Lilacs in the home of @grayantiques.

Lilacs lining the dinner party table of @marthastewart48.

White asparagus and lilacs look like a painting in the home of @kristen_mcginnis.

Just as I was working on this post, @deborahneedleman posted this beautiful of lilacs in her stories.

Happy Spring!