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Perfect Pied-à-Terre: Part Deux

by habituallychic

12 . 07 . 20

I was recently reminiscing about this Fifth Avenue pied-à-terre and decided to take a second look. The 1,100 square-foot apartment in a Rosario Candela building with wrap around terrace is the occasional home of a Texas couple that was thoughtfully designed by Cathy Kincaid and John B. Murray Architect. It was featured in the February 2016 issue of Veranda and I posted it more than three years ago but it still holds up today. I also found the original real estate listing photos that show that they did a very minimally invasive renovation and actually kept the Zuber wallpaper installed by the previous owners. With the current Covid travel restrictions, the current owners are probably not enjoying it as much as they used to but the apartment and city will be here when they return.

On a side note, I apologize for the lack of posts last week. I had a donation pick up by Housing Works on Thursday and I spent the week cleaning out my closets and editing out the stupid things I bought during quarantine and never wore or used. My goal is to start the New Year in a more organized place since it looks like we’ll still be spending time at home for more months to come.

Previous elevator vestibule and entry.

The new floorplan is not that different from the original. They did remove the entry coat closet and expand the entry and create more closets in the master bedroom. It’s interesting that the service entrance opens to the bedroom. They usually open to the kitchen.

Original floor plan.

A trick they used to expand the small kitchen was to mirror the back wall. It also allows the light from the window to bounce off the mirror too.

The living room is more soothing and sophisticated than the original as you can see in an upcoming photo.

Previous living room from real estate listing.

Lacquered ceilings are used in many New York apartments to make low ceilings look larger.

Previous living room from real estate listing. The bottom decorative balustrade of the wallpaper was covered by more subtle paneling.

The second bedroom was turned into a study.

It’s interesting that they kept the same desk placement in the study as seen here in the old real estate listing photo of the second bedroom.

The bathroom off the study was turned into his bathroom.

The study connects to the master bedroom.

The bedroom as seen in the real estate listing.

The closet bedside the fireplace was upholstered with a jib door so it blends into the room.

Another old photo of the master bedroom.
An old photo of her bathroom.