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Fernando Bengoechea’s Woven Photographs

by habituallychic

07 . 28 . 20

Last week, I was surprised by an email from Marcelo Bengoechea who I hadn’t heard from since 2009 when I first posted about the woven photographs by his late brother Fernando Bengoechea. He had revived the work started by his photographer brother who died in the devastating Tsunami that hit the Indian Ocean in December 2004 when he was vacationing with his partner, interior designer Nate Berkus. He didn’t continue with the woven photos and it took a long time to return to them he said, “because I felt that I was “stealing” his art. Took me a long time to get over it. I finally accepted Fernando’s death but cannot accept his art dying with him. Want to see his legacy inspire others to live their life to the fullest just like he did. A life filled with love, adventure and style. The same way he inspired mine, want to share it with others.”

The woven photographs are made from two identical museum quality archival Giclee prints. The prints are hand cut in very thin strips and hand weaved back together adding complexity, texture, drama and relief to an already striking image. Each piece, from cutting to weaving is completely hand made. Nuances in shades, weaving, and alignment make each woven photograph a one of a kind.

Each artwork includes a certificate of authenticity, signed by Marcelo Bengoechea, his brother and Master Weaver.

Each Fernando Bengoechea woven photograph is made to order within three weeks and custom sizes are available. You can also order unwoven prints and have your own photo woven but it must be approved first. I appreciate that you can see each size print on a wall to help you choose the correct one too.

These are the original woven photographs taken at Josua Tree by Fernando Bengoechea in the home of Nate Berkus. Nate talked about visiting Joshua Tree for the first time on his website.

I was tempted to get this Lined Trees woven photo since I lived next to the Palais Royal in 2014 and it’s a very special place for me but I ended up with the Karma Tree #1 since it’s part of the original iconic photo series by Fernando Bengoechea.

I also thought about getting the Roman Bust #12 since it would complement the framed Statue postcards by Christopher Draghi that I have in my bathroom.

Evening in Mexico

New York Foggy Bridge

Shadow Study

If you’re depressed that Barney’s has closed, I recommend this Barney’s woven photo.

Big Sur Beauty

Afternoon Relax

These are just a few of the option for the woven photos and you can find them all here.