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Another Tomorrow

by habituallychic

03 . 19 . 20

If you follow me on Instagram and watch my Stories, you’ll know that yesterday was a rough day. But I had a good cry and now I’m feeling better and ready to try to get back on track. I will definitely be addressing things to do while we’re all home and other Coronavirus topics in upcoming posts but today I want to escape into some fashion.

I have been waiting for weeks to let you know about the beautiful new fashion brand Another Tomorrow. While it’s probably not the most auspicious time to launch a company, Another Tomorrow looks and sounds like what we really need now.

The New York based brand’s name came from founder Vanessa Barboni Hallik who said, “People would not choose the tomorrow that we’re on the path for, they’d choose another tomorrow.” Could not be more perfect for these uncertain times. It was created because she couldn’t find what they wanted in the market which was sustainability which includes cotton from farms in New Mexico and Texas in the US, as well as France; viscose grown in the forests of Sweden; recycled cashmere supplied from Italy; and wool from Tasmania.

I love the solid colors and elevated simplicity of Another Tomorrow. It’s exactly what I want to be wearing when I finally leave the house again.

Top image: Double-breasted wool jacket and Flared high-rise wool trousers

Double-breasted wool grain de poudre jacket

Double-breasted belted merino-wool midi coat

Double-breasted belted organic-linen jacket

Double-breasted belted merino-wool midi coat

Double-breasted belted merino-wool midi coat

V-neck belted organic cotton-poplin shirt dress

Double-breasted belted merino-wool midi coat

Tie-neck georgette midi dress

Oversized single-breasted crepe jacket

Oversized single-breasted crepe jacket

Pussy-bow crepe blouse

Organic cotton-blend trench coat