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Bon Weekend: 17 January 2020

by habituallychic

01 . 17 . 20

I didn’t plan a trip for this long holiday weekend and I’m kicking myself now that the temperature has dropped and snow is on the way. I’m going to use the indoor time to get caught up on work and watch movies.

When the weather clears, I look forward to finally trying Veronika (above) the new restaurant from Stephen Starr which is located upstairs in the newly opened Fotografiska Museum. It was designed by Roman & Williams in the manner of grand European cafe which has already made it the new darling of Instagram.

The new Fotografiska Museum is the New York outpost of the Swedish photography museum of the same name. It’s located in the Italianate style landmark Church Missions House building at 281 Park Avenue. There are some mixed reviews on the gallery spaces and the $28 entrance fee especially since there are no free entry hours. I will report back after I visit in person.

Have you seen Little Women yet? The Civil War era story was never my favorite but I decided to give it a go last week. It feels like the most spirited and moving version of the story. It’s no wonder that it’s receiving award nominations. If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you take a box of Kleenex with you.

I watched actress Florence Pugh in The Little Drummer Girl before Little Women and could already tell that she was destined for stardom. The fact that she was able to carry the entire series at young age is testament to her acting abilities. She also makes very interesting film and television choices and I can’t wait to see her career play out. Vogue has declared her a breakout star and has chosen her for their February 2020 cover. She’s also just been nominated for an Oscar so it looks like she really is destined for greatness.

I posted about the new series Sanditon on Stories last week but it seems not many people were aware of it’s debut on PBS on Sunday at 9:00pm. It’s based on the unfinished last novel by Jane Austen but takes liberties with the story. I enjoyed the storyline between the heroine Miss Heywood and Sidney Parker played by the very handsome and hunky Theo James but some of the other story lines are definitely out of Jane Austen territory and very risqué. It originally aired in the UK last year and was not picked up for a second season. It was due to to a controversy that I won’t give away. If you’ve missed the first two episodes, they can be watched on demand or online. You can also binge the entire series on Thirteen.org.

If you’re looking for something else to read this weekend, make sure you pick up the Wall Street Journal newspaper on Saturday to read the WSJ.magazine.

Award season brings excitement and fashion fun to dull January and I look forward to seeing what the stars wear to the SAG Awards this Sunday. I will be posting my favorite looks on Instagram Stories if you want to follow along. It’s an especially fun award show since it mixes film and television categories and everyone is dying to see if Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt cross paths.

Shirin von Wulffen posted the book Aesthetic Intelligence: How to Boost It and Use It in Business and Beyond and sounds quite intriguing. I’m not allowed to buy any more books until I’ve read the ones I have, a rule I’ve already broken, so I won’t be reading it for a while so let me know what you think if you read it first.

I’m madly in love with the new resort collection from Mille and just bought the Jasmine Dress in Riviera Double Gauze. I didn’t read the description carefully enough and it does run one size big but I’m going to keep the larger size just in case it shrinks. The fabric is heavy which means it can be worn in the city as well as at the beach. I am considering buying more pieces especially since they are offering 50% off orders of $250 with the code HELLO50OFF at checkout.

I just bought a back up of my favorite charcoal grey cashmere turtleneck sweater since is also 50% off right now. I also bought another cashmere sweater from Naadam that was half off but it’s already sold out. They have many other lovely styles though. The Jimmy Choo suede flats I bought from Net-a-Porter are almost sold out too. They run small so I ordered them one whole size larger than my regular size. I’m pretty sure I’m cut off from shopping now.

Bon week-end !