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Palazzo Nasciaro

by habituallychic

06 . 04 . 19

I came across an article about Palazzo Nasciaro on House & Garden today and was blown away by its beauty. It’s actually an old story from around 2016 when the property was for sale but it’s still inspiring. British millionaire author Paul Golding bought the 18th-century palazzo on the remote island of Malta around 10 years ago for a steal since it had been abandoned for close to 20 years. Malta gained recent fame for being one of the locations used for Game of Thrones. It also stood in for France in the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie film By the Sea. London based Paul Golding “was inspired by a newspaper article that praised Malta’s architecture, heritage and climate.” He visited the island to look at four properties, “but only one tugged at his heart strings”. “It needed a huge amount of work, but its location was perfect, and I couldn’t resist its romantic decay.” He spent seven years working on the renovation “adding architectural details where they were missing and preserved the original proportions. He has also installed underfloor heating, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi and solar-powered hot water, ensuring that every wire and pipe is invisible.” He was selling the house for $10 Million to find a new project to undertake. It’s actually not that bad of a price considering all the heavy lifting has been done and it’s turn key ready. It seems like the perfect place for a chic boutique hotel but no word on whether it sold. To be continued.