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Chic English Country House by Susan Burns

by habituallychic

03 . 25 . 19

I find Pinterest incredibly frustrating lately. Just because I save one photo of a car doesn’t mean that I want to see a million photos of cars for the next week. I never even see pins from anyone I follow anymore so I have to go to their profile to see if they’ve posted anything.  I don’t know who devised this new algorithm but they should be fired. That being said, there is an occasional gem that pops up in my feed. Such was the case of a photo from an English Country House designed by Susan Burns.

“Framed with magnificent gardens and barns, this stunning country home houses a marvelous collection of English and French antiques. This is an example of how interior design, when done well, can meld together different period tastes.”

I love the mix of antiques with contemporary art that make the home look collected rather than decorated but the lack of English clutter allows each antique stand out. The garden is the icing on the cake. Thank goodness Pinterest is still occasionally good for something.