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Alvise Orsini in London

by habituallychic

03 . 07 . 19

I can’t imagine a better design education than growing up in Venice and working for Jacques Garcia in Paris. Interior designer Alvise Orsini did just that and took this experience to his own firm based in London. It’s no surprise that his apartment in London is elegant sophisticated. It was in desperate need of renovation when he found it and he was the perfect person to restore the Robert Adam-style plasterwork. The beautifully decorated rooms are filled with a mix of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century English and Continental antiques that look like they have always been in the apartment. As he tells House & Garden, “I like to furnish my home and those of my clients by mixing styles and periods – mainly English, French and Italian, with some more exotic pieces added here and there. I like homes that have texture; that make you think they have come together over gen­erations rather than a few months. Sourcing is so important – otherwise anyone can say they are a designer.” I always think that a designer will never truly be a great interior designer unless they really understand antiques and historical houses and it’s clear that Alvise Orsini is one of the best.

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