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Ven House Now and Then

by habituallychic

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House & Garden has a lovely holiday feature on Ven House, in the December 2018 issue. It’s in the article that you learn that the house has had a succession of owners in recent years and been previously featured in World of Interiors in October 2011 when it was owned by Jasper Conran and in House & Garden in November 1999. I’ve pulled together images from all three periods so you can see how the house has changed in decor and paint colors. Not all the photos perfectly line up but it gives you a good idea of how it’s gone from very traditional French country style and a bit cluttered, to a bit more paired down traditional English decor under the eye of Jasper Conran, and to today’s slightly more fresh take on traditional. The current owner is Mike Fisher, the founder of the architecture and interior design firm Studio Indigo and his partner. I especially like their pared down blue bedrooms and Battlesden pink drawing room, and of course the Christmas decorations.

The Battlesden pink drawing room in 2018.

The yellow drawing room by Jasper Conran in 2011.

The French country version of the drawing room by designer Tommy Kyle from 1999.

Another view of the pink drawing room decorated for Christmas in 2018.

Another view of the yellow drawing room in 2011.

The French country drawing room in 1999.

The morning room in 2018.

The dining room by Jasper Conran in 2011.

The dining room in 1999.

The kitchen in 2018 looks similar to when Jasper Conran owned the house.

The kitchen in 2011.

The entrance hall decorated for Christmas in 2018.

The entrance hall in 2011.

The entrance hall in 1999.

The music room which leads to the orangery in 2018.

A stairwell from 2011.

A room with de Gournay wallpaper in 2018.

The library in 2011.

A beautiful blue bedroom in 2108.

A bedroom from 1999.

A bedroom from 2011.

An updated bathroom in 2018.

The master bathroom in 2011.

A bathroom in 1999.

The master bedroom in 2018.

Jasper Conran’s bedroom from 2011.

Tommy Kyle’s bedroom in 1999.

The conservatory in 2011.

The pavilion in 1999.