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Redd, White, and Blue in Texas

by habituallychic

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It’s interesting how I managed to get a blog post up every day I was in Miami but since I’ve been back I haven’t been able to get it together. I’ve been feeling exhausted so if you have any tips on things to do besides drink water which I’ve been doing, please let me know because I have my trip to New Orleans coming up next week.

Hopefully, this colorful weekend home outside Houston belonging to Bailey and Pete McCarthy, of Biscuit Home and Goodnight Hospitality respectfully, and designed by Miles Redd will make up for a lack of posts this week. I realized that I like color when it’s mixed with antiques and great details because it looks rich and layered. When a house is very colorful and only full of contemporary pieces, I always feel like it’s missing soul and looks too new.

As Miles Redd told Architectural Digest where the home is featured in the January 2019 issue, “It ended up just the way she wanted it. A little bit (Wes) Anderson, with nods to Texas and a smattering of old lady, and everybody knows I love chic-old-lady style. Basically, it’s a big, happy, fresh, light family house.” The perfect mix.

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