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Christmas in Alexandria

by habituallychic

12 . 19 . 18

I love how Instagram introduces you to people who love the same things and I’m so glad it’s how I met Brian Branton. While we have not met in real life yet, I feel like I know him well after following along on his Christmas decorating this year. While I was buying dried pomanders and orange slices on Etsy, he was making them himself nine weeks ago. In his defense, he had to start early because the historic house in Alexandria, Virginia he shares with his partner Adam was on the Scottish Walk Christmas House Tour on December 1st. It’s also amazing to know that he’s a lawyer and not a interior decorator or floral designer. You have to go back to the beginning of his Instagram account to see how he has been resorting this house from 1808 to its former glory. Brian is also incredibly funny which is why I love following him. He just posted recipes from his holiday party this weekend and then posted, “Sorry for all the cream cheese and butter. I’m Southern. Lol.” You can find the recipes saved in his Highlights if you aren’t afraid of a few calorie and definitely follow him @brianbranton on Instagram if you like historic houses and a good laugh.