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Roll the Dice with Robert Stilin

by habituallychic

05 . 08 . 17

I was first introduced to the work of interior designer Robert Stilin in the 2009 Hamptons Designer Show House. So it was fun to reconnect many years later in his room at the 2017 Kips Bay Decorator Show House. For the house, he created a “luxuriously comfortable living space inspired by contemporary European salons.” He told me that it’s also reflective of what he does for his clients who are often very private and don’t allow their homes to be published. The large space is layered with a collection of 20th and 21st-century collective furniture and an impressive art collection. “We envisioned a space for a New Yorker who is well traveled, sophisticated, interested in arts and politics and who has amassed a great collection of art, furniture, and objects. We see the homeowner using this space to relax with a book, or to entertain family and friends.” Too bad you can’t rent out rooms at the Kips Bay Decorator Show House because I would like to do just that.
Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-002 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-003 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-004 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-005 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-006 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-007 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-008 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-009 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-010 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-011 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-012 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-013 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-014 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-015 Rober-Stilin-Kips-Bay-Decorator-Show-House-2017-habituallychic-016
Photos by Stephen Kent Johnson with a few of my own mixed in as well.