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AERIN Collection for Williams Sonoma

by habituallychic

03 . 30 . 17

The AERIN Collection for Williams Sonoma could not have debuted at a better time. The collection of furniture, accessories, tabletop, and decor are perfect for refreshing your home for spring and summer entertaining.

“The collection incorporates a ton of blue and white, which is a staple in the AERIN brand and is part of my personal heritage and decorating DNA. My grandmother loved the combination of blue and white and it’s a palette that I knew from the beginning that I wanted to incorporate into the collection. The speckled glassware are a perfect example of how we incorporated different tones of blue to create a casual, yet luxurious feel. The ceramic plates are inspired by my grandmother Estee’s love of blue and white delft. She always collected this type of ceramic and it became her signature, and mine as well.”

Whether you need new pillows or artwork or a hostess gift, Aerin Lauder has you covered with the AERIN Collection for Williams Sonoma.
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-002 AERIN Woven Basket Cachepots
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-003 AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-004 AERIN Gilded Bamboo Gallery Frames
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-005 AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-006 AERIN Climbing Floral Embroidered Pillow Cover in Celadon
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-007 AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-008 AERIN Handpainted Spanish Cachepots
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-009 AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-010 AERIN Dinnerware Collection
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-011 AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-012 AERIN Ginger Jar Champagne Bucket
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-013 AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-014AERIN Woven and Silver Pieces
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-015 AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-016AERIN Sea Blue Appetizer Plates, Set of 4
AERIN-Collection-by-Williams-Sonoma-Home-habituallychic-018Manchester Settee