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Alex Eagle Studio

by habituallychic

03 . 23 . 17

Yesterday’s post highlighted classic English decor and today’s post is a view into a modern English home. I was cleaning out a stack of magazines when I came across the London flat of Alex Eagle and her family in a recent issue of British Vogue. I was just looking for more photos when I saw it published online on Domino.

Alex Eagle founded an eponymous lifestyle store in the Soho area of London that has become to the go to place to find a carefully curated collection of fashion, accessories, art, music, furniture, and more. Alex and her husband, Mark Wadhwa, share the 4,300 loft with their new baby and his other children. Luckily they have a large dining table to seat thei etended family and friends. Because Mark is a gallery owner, the apartment is filled with interesting art and lots of books. I especially love the selves that display the book covers which also become art. 

London has been on my mind for a while but even more so with the terrorist attack yesterday. Those of us who lived through September 11, 2001 in New York are thinking of our British friends and it will not deter my from visiting this year. When I do, I definitely look forward to visiting Alex Eagle Studio.
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