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West Village Wonder

by habituallychic

01 . 02 . 17

west-4th-street-wonder-fairfax-sammons-habituallychic-001There are two little houses on West 4th Street that I’ve always wondered about as I walked past on my way to the shop or dine in the West Village. What’s really funny is that it was a British website that finally revealed their story.

House & Garden UK features the connected homes that belong to architects Anne Fairfax and Richard Sammons of Fairfax & Sammons. They originally belonged to the American industrialist Armand Hammer and needed a bit of work. Who better than a pair of architects to bring them back to life and create lot of secret storage in the small spaces. To read more, New York Social Diary also featured the home and architects in 2007.

Sorry some of the photos are so small but these are as large as I could find online. The floor plan at the end is only for the larger building as well.

I also hope everyone had a very Happy New Year! Since today is a bank holiday, I’ll be starting my inspiring posts to help you get started on your goals tomorrow.
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