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I’ve never met real estate broker Jared Seligman in person but I feel like I know him very well thanks to Instagram. That’s where I first saw photos of his apartment designed by Patrick McGrath. The uptown rental is a temporary home while he’s in between apartments so he took the opportunity to pare down and live with less. As he told ArchitecturalDigest.com who recently featured the streamlined space, “I wanted to clear my head and think about what I liked and what I didn’t like.”

When you edit your furniture and possessions, it means that each can really be seen so they become special. I personally love the mix of 19th-century chairs with Knoll sofas from the 1970’s and a more traditional painting by William Skilling in the living room.

Jared also had a hand in designing spaces for the 2016 Holiday House too. Perhaps a career change might be in the cards someday.

To read read more about the apartment and find credits, click here.
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