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A Fashionable Garden

by habituallychic

08 . 10 . 16

I want to thank everyone who sent get well wishes online. Now that I’m finally feeling a little better, I want nothing more than to get back outside. Unfortunately, it’s going to be hazy, hot, and humid for the next few days which means it’s the perfect time to head out east.

The family compound that Anna Wintour and her family have on Long Island looks like a great place to escape the city. They’ve created a truly relaxing place for family and friends to gather on weekends away from the fray of the Hamptons with gorgeous gardens designed by Miranda Brooks. She started the design over 20 years ago and has been given free reign over the 40-acre property that was expanded to include an adjacent lot that was purchased to prevent development. Since Wintour and Brooks are both British, it has a romantic English country feel. Brooks says it’s one of her most personal projects and it looks to be one of her absolute best.

To read more, check out the full article in T magazine.

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Photos by Ricardo Labougle.