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The House that Bloom Built

by habituallychic

07 . 25 . 16

As you know, Sag Harbor is my favorite place in the Hamptons. When I’m in town, I love stopping by to say hello to Mona Nerenberg at her very chic store Bloom. While I was there in June, Mona let me  know that not only was the home she shares with her partner Lisa Bynon going to be in the July/August 2016 issue of Elle Decor, but it was going to be on the cover. Bloom is filled with furniture with great patina that Mona finds in Belgium and France so it’s no surprise that a few pieces made it into her home which was pulled together with help from interior designer Marc Cunningham. But as Mona told Elle Decor, “People have this fantasy that a home should look as perfect as a store, but my actual home is a lot more messy. It’s filled with friends and family and cats.” It looks pretty perfect to me.
Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-002 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-003 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-004 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-005 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-006 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-007 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-008 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-009 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-010 Mona-Nerenberg-Bloom-Sag-Harbor-Elle-Decor-habituallychic-011
Photos by Bjorn Wallander for Elle Decor